DeJoy is moving forward with a controversial plan.
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In the past year, one issue I’ve heard the most complaints about from Delawareans is mail delays.

At the center of it all is current Postmaster General and Trump mega-donor, Louis DeJoy.

The USPS service issues began in summer 2020 when DeJoy instituted unpopular policy changes that jeopardized a major presidential election in which nearly half of all Americans voted by mail and caused critical mail like prescriptions, paychecks, and bills to not arrive on time.

Now, the USPS is moving forward with DeJoy’s 10-year plan, which would once again slow mail delivery.

NPR: The Postal Service Presses Forward With Unpopular Plan To Slow Some Mail Delivery

Mail delivery is still below where it was before the pandemic. DeJoy’s plan would further erode services while not doing much to address the financial crisis at the Postal Service and disproportionately affecting seniors, middle- and low-income families, and small businesses -- just as our economy is beginning to recover.

When I served in the Navy in Southeast Asia, the best day of the week was the day the mail arrived. I personally know the importance of functioning mail delivery -- and it’s even more critical now during a pandemic.

I’m prepared to take action in Congress to ensure that the USPS is reformed in a way that brings transparency to postal operations, puts the USPS on a firm financial footing long-term, and that its leadership is held accountable to those it serves, but first, I want to hear your thoughts

Do you support efforts in Congress to save the Postal Service and restore mail services?

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