From Jared Huffman <[email protected]>
Subject gerrymandering
Date August 24, 2021 6:55 PM
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The initial results of the 2020 census are in, and they
depict an America that is increasingly diverse. That’s good news
for Democrats if we have a redistricting process that fairly
reflects these demographic shifts.

Unfortunately, outside of California and a few other
states that have embraced independent redistricting, we know this
process is rarely fair. Republicans have already signaled their
plans to gerrymander their way back into the House majority in

We can’t let that happen, John.
Without our Democratic majority, the American Rescue Plan, the
For the People Act, and so much more would never have passed.

The GOP is increasingly out of touch with the values and
priorities of most Americans. Democrats will beat them in a fair
fight, and they know it. That’s why they’re turning to
gerrymandering and voter suppression — to cheat their way to back
power. We must make sure Democrats have the resources to head
them off at the pass.

Will you join us in the fight against unfair
gerrymandering by making a donation right away?
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My campaign is identifying and supporting Democratic
House candidates who are at risk from GOP gerrymandering. We’ll
be working with our allies to challenge the GOP’s anti-democratic
maneuvers in court and to overcome their dirty tricks in next
year’s elections.
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Even though the census showed major growth in areas with
strong Democratic representation, Republicans control many state
legislatures across the nation.

Just like they did after the 2010 census, we expect the
GOP to try and overcome their dwindling overall numbers by
redrawing district lines to divide and isolate Democratic voters.
The party of Donald Trump is deeply unpopular, but they believe
this is the ace up their sleeve that will allow them to win
enough seats in the House to take back the majority in 2022.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court made it harder to
challenge these tactics when it struck down the provision in the
Voting Rights Act that required certain states to get federal
approval for their district maps. We have our work cut out for

That’s why we must get ready, right now, to stand up for
our rights.

With your donation today, we can prepare to fight back
on every front — including through the courts — to make sure our
sacred right to vote is protected and our voices are heard.
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Thanks for your help,


Congressman Jared Huffman represents California's 2nd District,
which spans from the Golden Gate Bridge north to the Oregon
border. As a Democratic leader, Jared is committed to protecting
our environment, fighting for access to affordable healthcare and
equality for all Americans. In accordance with public health
guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Jared has
suspended all in-person campaign events and is relying on support
from his grassroots contributors to power his campaign. Click
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to support Jared's campaign with a contribution today, or sign
on to become a sustaining supporter by making a monthly
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