Dear John,


I wanted you to hear this update directly from me. On Thursday, quorum was unfortunately made in the Texas House after a 38 day hold out. I was not there nor was I party to that. Sadly, this means the Republicans will now be able to push through their anti-Texas agenda and we have no choice but to go back and fight.


With quorum established, I have returned to ensure our community is represented and push back against legislation that undermines the freedom to vote, weakens local control, whitewashes history, cripples access to abortion, and attacks trans kids. This is the next phase of this fight and I intend to support my constituents, debunk misinformation, and hold those pushing these bills accountable.


Instead of hyper-partisan priorities and pandering to a primary electorate we should be focusing on defeating COVID-19 and ensuring we have a reliable power grid. Texans deserve better than this from their state leaders.


I’m proud of the work Texas Democrats did in Washington, D.C. to inspire the nation and galvanize the federal government to act on comprehensive voting rights legislation. We have lit the fire and passed the torch to Congress. And I am pleased that this coming week we anticipate a vote on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Congress must get this done; and President Biden must sign this bill into law!


I want to commend my colleagues for breaking quorum and standing up for our values. The House Democratic Caucus will continue to fight voter suppression and hyper-partisan priorities that do nothing to help Texas families. 


Our fight for a better future continues.


I'm grateful to each of you for your continued support and encouragement. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if there is anything I can do for you.



All the best,


John Bucy III

State Representative, District 136


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