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Subject Our majority in the House is more at risk than ever
Date August 13, 2021 11:32 PM
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Democrats barely held onto the House in 2020, and Republicans know they only need to flip a FEW seats to make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House. Yesterday, McCarthy found himself one step closer to holding the Speaker's gavel when Democratic Congressman Ron Kind announced his retirement, opening up a clear path for McConnell to flip one of the most competitive swing districts in the country.

And on top of that, Kind BARELY squeaked out a victory last cycle, beating Republican Derrick Van Orden by just two points.

Orden is already running for this seat again. And now that there's a vacancy, he has a clear shot.

Let's be clear: Orden is the worst of the worst. He was among the domestic terrorists who stormed our Capitol on January 6. And as if that isn't bad enough, Orden has a terrifying record. He has shouted Trump's Big Lie from the rooftops. He found himself in the spotlight after making anti-Semitic comments, and he even touted his own history of sexual harassment and abuse of female military officers. And with Kind announcing his retirement, Orden is now the frontrunner.

But our Progressive Recruitment Fund will recruit a true progressive to excite voters and ensure Derrick Van Orden never again sets up shop in the U.S. Capitol. The fund will recruit a candidate who supports universal healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, and who will address the climate crisis. And most importantly, we will recruit someone who can win.

If we can ramp up our budget for the Progressive Recruitment Fund, we will have a real shot at protecting our House from Derrick Van Orden and Kevin McCarthy.

We've set a goal to immediately raise $5,000 to keep McCarthy out of the Speaker's chair and Orden out of the House chamber. But our resources are EXTREMELY low, and we're $4,249 short of our $5,000 goal.

Please, we're counting on your support now to reach our $5,000 goal immediately and recruit a true progressive who can keep Kevin McCarthy out of power and protect Congress from seditionists like Derrick Van Orden. As one of our most dedicated Democratic supporters, we're asking you to dig deep to hold on to our Democratic majority. >> [link removed]

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We cannot thank you enough. It's because of your support that we can recruit a strong progressive to run in the wake of Rep. Kind's retirement and keep Orden out of Congress.

We witnessed firsthand the damage inflicted upon our Capitol when rioters and right-wing extremists forced their way in on January 6 -- we cannot sit idly by and allow one of them to hold the key to the front door. Thank you for your commitment. Together, we will protect the House.

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