From Dr. Richard Pan <[email protected]>
Subject California, Vaccines, and the Delta Variant
Date August 12, 2021 9:01 PM
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As a pediatrician and scientist, I have devoted my career fighting for public health and policies to ensure Californians are safe, healthy and have an opportunity to build a better life. So, let me be clear: the vaccines are safe, effective, and save lives. If you have not yet gotten vaccinated, I strongly urge you to do so.

But everything we are fighting for, including an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, is in jeopardy because of a fringe group of extremists. These anti-vax extremists are determined to stop basic public health safety measures like vaccines and masking through harassing and blocking patients at vaccine sites, spreading misinformation in all forms of media, and now trying to install an anti-science governor. They don't care how deadly and dangerous the Delta variant is for all Californians-- especially kids.

I am thankful to have a leader like Governor Gavin Newsom who is guided by science and is striving to make sure everyone is vaccinated. However, if Republicans are successful in recalling Governor Newsom, the next governor of California is likely to be a right-wing radio host who gives anti-vaxxers a platform to spew their lies and opposes public health.

John, we have come too far in the fight against coronavirus to put our pandemic response in the hands of an anti-science governor. Will you join me in phone-banking to stop the Republican Recall? [[link removed]]
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By September 14, California has a choice. We can have Democratic Governor Newsom leading a California with among lowest per person COVID rates in the country, or we become like Florida and Texas where Republican governors put Trump politics over lives and are begging for more nurses and doctors to save their people while still banning mask and vaccine requirements. Make no mistake: the consequences of a successful recall WILL be deadly for Californians.

I’m urging everyone to vote NO on the Republican recall. Please join me.

In Solidarity,
Dr. Richard Pan

State Senator
Chair, Senate Committee on Health
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