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Subject [AVFCA] More Religious Exemption Writing Workshops with Christina Hildebrand
Date August 12, 2021 12:41 AM
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More Workshops Due to Popular Demand
Is your Employer or College Mandating the COVID or Flu vaccine?
Do you have sincerely held religious beliefs against vaccination?
Are you struggling with how to convey your beliefs to your employer/college?
Participate in a Religious Exemption Writing Workshop.

Advance Registration Required

Over 900 people wanted to participate in the Religious Exemption writing workshops put on by A Voice for Choice Advocacy last weekend. We increased the number from 3 to 6 workshops, and we created observer spots so many more could attend, but there were still people we had to turn away because there was just so much demand.

We have added three more workshops in the next week, and will continue to have these until everyone that wants to attend has attended. You have priority registration access, before we send it out to our whole mailing list again. So please sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.

Who should attend? Anyone who has an employer or is attending a college/university actively requiring the COVID and/or flu vaccine. If you are not being required to vaccinate or submit an exemption, please wait until a later date so those people that need to submit theirs in the next week can get a spot. Please do not attend on behalf of another adult (spouse, sister, etc.) The person attending must be the one who the religious exemption is for. Attendance will be limited to 80 per workshop. The first 15 who sign up will be active participants each and the other 65 will be participating observers. Observers will be able to attend the workshop in listening mode, and will be able to go through the process of writing their religious exemption, but will not be able to get live feedback. Christina is happy to review all attendees' religious exemptions via email.

What is expected of attendees? You will be creating your own unique Religious Exemptions which includes your own religious truths and no one else's. No templates will be provided. You will be expected to actively participate and formulate your religious beliefs, under Christina's direction. Active participants (not Observers) will share their exemption wording ideas during the workshop. This information will remain confidential to the group. Active participants will need to have a working camera, on at all times.

When are the workshops and how does one register? There are currently three workshops, but more will be added until demand is met. The next workshops will be on:
- Friday August 13, 2021 2-4 PM PST
[link removed] [[link removed]]
- Saturday August 14, 2021 1-3 PM PST
[link removed] [[link removed]]
- Monday August 16, 2021 6-8 PM PST
[link removed] [[link removed]]

Why is A Voice for Choice Advocacy putting these on? We have assisted over 1000 employees and students get their religious exemptions to COVID and/or flu vaccines successfully accepted. Because more and more employers and colleges are requiring the COVID vaccine, Christina is offering three Religious Exemption Writing Workshops, for people who are looking for guidance in creating a religious exemption for their employment or studies. Please read the details and register below:

Is there a charge for the workshops? There is no charge for the workshops, but a donation of at least $20 to A Voice for Choice Advocacy ( [link removed] [[link removed]] ) would be appreciated.

Hope to see you there! Together we can make change happen!

Christina Hildebrand
A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc.
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