From Team Green New Deal Network, via RootsAction <[email protected]>
Subject Tax the rich
Date August 11, 2021 7:34 PM
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If they can afford to fund personal space flights, then they should be taxed to fund the Green New Deal.

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" RootsAction is pleased to forward you this crucial initiative from the Green New Deal Network: "_________________________________________

Recently Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, shot himself into space.1

And a few days before that Richard Branson, another billionaire, did the same thing.2

*Billionaires like Bezos and Branson have so much money that they're "financing their own private space flights".* And they're only able to do so because of a rigged economy, on the backs of working people.

Meanwhile, we're suffering through a climate disaster. Wildfires so big and intense that they darken skies "thousands of miles away".3 Heat waves so destructive that they are" literally melting infrastructure".4

The solution to our climate crisis is staring us in the face: *we need Congress to tax billionaires like Bezos and Branson and fund the Green New Deal*.

*If you agree, will you add your name? Together, we're building the grassroots and political power we need to make this vision a reality.* [ [link removed] ]

The Green New Deal Network is a coalition of grassroots organizations, labor unions, and climate and environmental justice groups working to build a movement to create millions of family-sustaining union jobs, ensure racial and gender equity, and take action on the climate crisis at the scale and scope that it demands.

*The need for a Green New Deal for all people has never been so urgent.* It's time we invest in and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create millions of good, union jobs while tackling the climate crisis. And it's time for people like Bezos and Branson to pay their fair share so we can make that happen.

If they can afford to fund personal space flights, then they can afford to fund a Green New Deal.

*But we need you with us to make that happen. Will you add your name and join the thousands of other activists in telling Congress to tax billionaires and fund the Green New Deal? [ [link removed] ]*

Thank you,

The Green New Deal Network

1. NPR: "Jeff Bezos And Blue Origin Travel Deeper Into Space Than Richard Branson" [ [link removed] ]
2. CNN: "Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson successfully rockets to outer space" [ [link removed] ]
3. CNBC: "Smoke from Western wildfires is harming air quality on the East Coast" [ [link removed] ]
4. SFGATE: "Portland streetcar power cables melt in extreme heat" [ [link removed] ]



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