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Subject re: automatic voter registration
Date August 3, 2021 1:15 PM
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John -- Chuy is getting worried.

Republicans across the country are actively trying to end democracy as we know it.

From the Big Lie to Jim Crow 2.0, the GOP's goal is to dismantle trust in our system, sabotage elections, and nullify results they don't like. But we have a chance to turn the tide and expand voting rights with the For the People Act.

[SIGN THE PETITION] >> [link removed]

That's why we have joined our friends at When Democrats Turn Out to demand that Congress pass the For the People Act and guarantee automatic voter registration nationwide.

The GOP has done enough to damage our democracy. We can't just stop the bleeding -- we have to expand voting rights to all.

But some Democrats in Congress are trying to take automatic voter registration out of the For the People Act. And we need our grassroots movement to stand up and stop them! Will you sign our petition before it's too late? >> [link removed]

[SIGN THE PETITION] >> [link removed]

Thank you for standing up today. Together, we can ensure that every American keeps their right to vote.

- Team Chuy

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