From Dr. Jordan B. Peterson <[email protected]>
Subject Mondays of Meaning - The End Of Universities, Moral Relativism & Unreached Potential
Date August 2, 2021 9:12 PM
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Today's Mondays of Meaning covers the end of universities, moral relativism and unreached potential. 

** Mondays of Meaning
August 2nd, 2021 | Dr Jordan B. Peterson
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** On Moral Relativism and its Consequences

The position of the moral relativists is that there is no canonical solution to the problem of what we should value: that there is a never-ending series of options for getting by in the world, and that no one path is to be deemed preferable to another. This is a dreadful error, not least because of the nihilism, hopelessness, disorientation and extreme doubt that such a position necessarily produces.

** Monday Reflections

​"People don't really repress the things they don't want to face, they just fail to unpack them." (Share this on Twitter ([link removed]) )

"The legacy media are so dead to people under 30 that it's as if their death isn't even noticed." (Share this on Twitter ([link removed]) )

"If you're self-conscious of your inadequacies - you need to work on removing the inadequacies, not the self-consciousness." (S ([link removed]) hare this on Twitter ([link removed]) )

** This Week On The Podcast

The End Of Universities? | Jordan B. Peterson
Yeonmi Park's account of her experience at Columbia University is harrowing - as someone who had just arrived in the West after her escape from North Korea, the idea that she had to censor herself at a prestigious university like Columbia, or any university for that matter - which have historically been bastions of free thought is horrifying. Her experience serves as one example of just how far the Universities have deteriorated.

Dr. Peterson wanted to put this together because he still feels like it’s possible to save the Universities, but before that can happen, more people need to be aware of just how twisted they’ve become.

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson:
“So, what did you conclude about your time in Columbia University? What were your impressions? What do you have to say to people about what you saw?

Yeonmi Park:

“Oh my gosh. That 4 years from 2016 to 2020 was a complete madness..."

** From The Archives

The Pain Of Unreached Potential | Jordan B. Peterson on Modern Wisdom​​

Chris Williamson:

"How can we cope with the pain of unreached potential?"

Jordan B. Peterson:

“Every ideal is a judge. So you posit an ideal and instantly you're in an inferior position in relationship to that ideal and that can be crushing. Okay, so what do you do about that?

Well, one answer is no ideals. Well that's not a good answer because then you don't have anything to do. Right, so, so, and that deprives you of a main source of pleasure which is observed a generated as a consequence of observed movement towards a valued goal so if you have a high goal, and you see any movement towards that there's a potential is a really powerful potential kick there so you don't want to dispense with that. But then if you set up an ideal it can judge you very harshly.

So then you have to rearrange your reward philosophy and instead of punishing yourself from, as a consequence of perceived distance you reward yourself for incremental movement forward."
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