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Date August 1, 2021 2:11 AM
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[1]Cori Bush

Hi John,

Did you see Cori's email from earlier today? Our end-of-month deadline is
only hours away, and we want to make sure you have the chance to hear
directly from Cori about what's at stake.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News, and the far-right have been increasing their
attacks against Cori for one reason: They're scared. They know that the
people-powered movement Cori is building threatens their white supremacist

We're determined to show everyone that we will not be intimidated by these
attacks, but that means we can't miss our end-of-month $51,000 grassroots
fundraising goal. Based on our math, we need five more donors from
xxxxxx to put us over the edge.

[ [link removed] ]John, will
you be one of the last donors we need from xxxxxx? Please, chip
in $5 or whatever you can before midnight to show your
support for Cori and help power this movement for the fights to come.

[ [link removed] ]97% to goal


Team Cori

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From: Cori Bush [[email protected]]
Date: Saturday, July 31, 2021
personal link
To: John [[email protected]]


I never imagined myself in Congress, but thanks in large part to the power
of this grassroots community, I'm here.

Thanks to you, we defeated a twenty-year incumbent in a "stunning upset
victory," and you helped send the first Black woman to represent Missouri
to Congress. Thanks to you, we legislate for the transformative change St.
Louis needs in Congress every single day.

Far-right, white supremacists have been trying to silence our team through
belittling attacks, and as of this morning, we're falling short of our
$51,000 end-of-month fundraising goal. I know this community can do
anything we set our minds to, so
John, I need to ask for your support once
again to stand up against their racist rhetoric.

If you're with me in this work, please make a contribution using your
personal link below to grow our progressive movement, mobilize against GOP
attacks, and pass the change our communities need:

[ [link removed] ][link removed]

This community is at the heart of everything I do. I ran for Congress
because too many of our elected officials were not looking out for us.

When you've lived out of a car with your babies, you know that affordable
housing isn't just a nice idea, it's a necessity.

When you've seen your neighbors lose their lives to police violence, you
know that defunding the police and investing in our communities isn't just
a catchphrase, but an urgent call to save Black lives.

When you've been forced to decide between affording groceries or
utilities, you know that the "handouts" Republicans keep attacking are
life-saving policies for families that our own tax dollars have funded.

These are the struggles that so many of us have lived. These shared
struggles are why I ran for office and why I'm working every day to create
a new kind of politics rooted in love and compassion.

But the challenges we face right now in Congress — from white supremacist
lawmakers and the Jim Crow filibuster to the dark money funding too many
of our elected officials' campaigns — have made it clear that it's going
to take a widespread, grassroots effort to bring these progressive
policies to life.

John, I can't
do this alone, so I'm hoping to see your name on our list of July donors
before midnight. Please, make a contribution right now by using your very
own personal link:

[ [link removed] ][link removed]

Thank you for all of your support.

Your Congresswoman loves you,


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