The company has spoken out for voting rights -- but its political spending tells a different story. Take action now.

Tell AT&T: Make your values on voting rights clear.

Friend, when a wave of onerous voter suppression bills began spreading across the country earlier this year, AT&T put out a strong statement in support of democracy:

''We believe the right to vote is sacred and we support voting laws that make it easier for more Americans to vote in free, fair, and secure elections.''
-- John Stankey, CEO of AT&T

But so far, this big talk has proved to be exactly that -- talk. A quick look at the activities of AT&T’s political action committee shows this strong rhetoric to be in direct contradiction with the company’s campaign spending.

This year alone, AT&T’s PAC:

  • ❌ Funnelled over $350,000 to Texas state lawmakers who were publicly pushing voter suppression bills
  • ❌ Made a six-figure contribution to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s campaign on the same day he called for a special legislative session to pass a voter suppression bill
  • ❌ Hasn’t cut ties with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, despite the organization’s well-documented history of funding voter suppression efforts and its current lobbying efforts opposing the For the People Act

It’s time to tell AT&T that polished public statements and platitudes are not enough. Defending our democracy demands action -- and if AT&T truly supports voting rights, they must make that clear. Will you add your name now to demand an end to their hypocrisy?


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