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If you missed it yesterday, read our brief in the biggest abortion case in a generation

Yesterday True North Legal, a legal initiative of Minnesota Family Council,  filed an amicus brief  in the upcoming United States Supreme Court case of  Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health , which will be argued this fall, urging the Court to overturn  Roe v. Wade .  
Here's some quotes from the brief, written by our own Renee Carlson and University of St. Thomas professor Teresa Collett:
“Abortion has sometimes been described as “a man’s solution to what he perceives to be the woman’s problem.” That is precisely the view of women and their place in the world that [abortion jurisprudence] encourages, teaching society that it has no responsibility, duty, or even ability to revere and protect unborn children in a wide array of circumstances.”
Roe and Casey’s legacy of reliance on abortion has resulted in dramatic increases of sexual activity among adolescents, including sex between minors and adults, fostering a variety of social problems including increased sexual assaults, pregnancy, coerced abortions, and sexual diseases and infections."
“Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey should be overturned, and this Court should repudiate the harmful precedents requiring societal indifference to women's decisions to bear a child and restore the rights of parents to guide and protect their daughters in the same manner they do for any other medical condition.”

The Family Beacon Season 1, Episode 3: Masks, Equity Surveys, & Olympic Unfairness

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Another mask mandate? MN 4th graders are being given required “equity surveys” with questions about gender identity? Biological males competing against female Olympians? There’s so much to keep up with this week! Tune in to get the facts & stand for truth with your hosts, Grace Evans and Moses Bratrud. 

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Pro-Abortion Writer Says Her Abortion Was Necessary. My Sister's Life Proves Otherwise.

Columnist Tanya Gold recently lambasted a young writer who criticized proposed legislation that would have allowed abortion on demand for any reason up until birth in the U.K. In her op-ed Mercy Muroki described her experience with unplanned pregnancy in her teens and her decision not to abort. Tanya responded with her own story, insisting that for her, anything other than abortion would have been “impossible.” Chillingly, Tanya acknowledges that her abortion killed not a “clump of cells” but her baby. She writes,

How many women, do you think, walk into an abortion clinic not knowing what they are doing, and why? It’s not really a baby, say some pro-choice activists. It’s an, er, embryo. Of course, it’s a baby, and those having to make the decision know that better than anyone. I know that from my own experience. I don’t need people to tell me what I have done. It is always with me.

Tanya knows that her abortion took the life of her child. The abortion industry’s lies could not conceal that fact. In the aftermath, she is parroting the abortion industry’s talking points even as she struggles to live with what she claims was a choice she “had to make.”  

“When I was 22, I had an abortion,” explains Tanya. “I was very sick, with alcoholism, and I didn’t know who the father was. I had no job, no money and no home of my own.” Reading those words, my computer screen blurred in front of me as my eyes filled with tears as I thought of how my sister’s birth mom was in almost the exact same situation when she found out she was pregnant. Battling mental illness and addiction, unsure of who the father was, aware that the child she was caring would be born with disabilities, and knowing that she would not be able to raise her child, she chose life. I am forever grateful for that she did and I cannot read Tanya’s insistence that her abortion was “necessary” without thinking of how different my life would have been if my sister was not part of it.


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