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Subject Tigers in crisis
Date July 29, 2021 9:40 AM
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Driven to the brink of extinction in the wild, they need YOUR help!

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Meet Telia, the Bengal tigress. Her beauty is mesmerising, her power awesome. She would die protecting her four young cubs.  But she and her family are defenceless against well-armed poachers.

A dead tiger is worth a lot of money, killed for their fur and butchered for their bones. There is a price on Telia’s head.

And as habitat is lost and prey devasted, tigers hungrily turn to livestock. The consequences can be deadly.

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96% of tigers have been wiped out in just 100 years and only 4,000 remain in the wild. Yet, many thousands are captive around the world, in zoos and circuses, as backyard ‘pets’. Exploited for entertainment or as status symbols. 

Poached, farmed, butchered, exploited, abused. These are dark days for the world’s largest cat.

But there is hope. India is home to 75% of all wild tigers and Born Free’s hard, long-term work to protect them against poachers with dedicated tiger wardens, to educate and train local communities, and provide biogas to negate the need for firewood collection, has seen numbers DOUBLE, from 1,411 to 3,000 since we began in 2004. But we need to do more. Much more. Your gift TODAY could help secure a future for tigers like Telia and protect wild tigers for future generations.


Or care for a rescued tiger like Gopal or Sandro, who need lifetime sanctuary and expert care.

And help us campaign to end exploitation of tigers in captivity all over the world. Stop the cruelty of farms, change the laws on keeping exotic pets, rescue tigers from abusive captivity.

“This appeal comes from our hearts. Tigers are ravishing, complex creatures, with intricate lives and a myriad of personalities and life-stories. It would be a vile disgrace if we allow them to be hunted and persecuted to extinction. Help us – help Born Free’s work to save the tiger. Dig deep dearest friend, please. Give what you can.” Joanna Lumley OBE, Born Free Founder Patron

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You can make our vision of a safe future for all tigers a reality.

Your gift could make all the difference for our rescued tigers Gopal and Sandro, and support brave rangers who put their lives on the line to protect Telia and India’s other precious tigers.

£10: Could buy a first aid kit for a tiger warden
£50: Could provide binoculars for a tiger warden
£195: Could provide a week’s expert care for Sandro
£2,000: Could buy fridge/freezer for Gopal’s food – critical due to Covid disruption of food transport chains

Thank you. You give so much, and we are so grateful. If you feel able to, we'd really appreciate your help once again before it is too late.

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Photos © Roaring Wild Travel Co, Aaron Gekoski/Cater News, Wildlife SOS

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