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Subject Getting the facts on fat.
Date July 29, 2021 9:30 AM
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** Breaking down fats and oils

A world-first report from the Edible Fats and Oils Collaboration ([link removed]) , led by Forum, reveals that boycotting palm oil in foods and simply substituting it with another ingredient may lead to unintended negative consequences and increased environmental destruction elsewhere.

Published earlier this month, the Breaking down fats and oils report calls on food businesses to view fats and oils - such as palm oil, soybean and dairy butter - not in isolation, but as part of a bigger, holistic system in order to create sustainable supply chains and future-proof against climate change. 

Discover what this report has to say about the environmental, social and nutritional impacts of the nine major fats we consume globally. And if you face challenges understanding the complexities of the edible fats and oils sector, then why not join the Collaboration in helping to create a sustainable food system?
Discover the findings ([link removed])
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** The big emergency that isn’t registering

The signs of climate emergency are increasingly around us as lived reality, but a striking disconnect still prevails when it comes to current policy and action. Iain Watt, Climate Strategist, calls out the dissonance between future pledges and present-day actions – and the crisis of imagination underlying our predicament.
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** The Futures Centre
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How will cities sound in the future?
Sound is such an important part of how we experience urban life. Peter Madden, Cardiff University’s Professor of Practice in City Futures, asks how we can design our cities of the future to be more acoustically alluring.
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The Futuring Podcast: Investing to decarbonise the global economy with Stephan Nicoleau, FullCycle

How can we ensure our capital gets deployed to support the most climate-critical solutions?
Listen to the episode ([link removed])

** School of System Change
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Investors in Change
The Investors in Change learning journey equips strategic decision-makers in philanthropic and public sector organisations with the capabilities to work on system change initiatives - enabling them to navigate and address complex challenges, reduce risk, accelerate learning, and drive creativity and innovation.
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Spark 2021
Spark Americas is a two-month facilitated virtual learning experience for intermediate system change practitioners running from October to November 2021. Build your capacity to work with and in complexity, and develop ways to increase our impact.
Spark Americas ([link removed])
Spark Europe ([link removed])

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** What does genuinely transformative plant-based innovation look like - and how do we do more of it?

We recently held the second in a series of workshops exploring the role of plant-based innovation in creating a just transition to sustainable, healthy diets in the US/Europe. Alongside wide-ranging actors from across the food system, we focused on what kind of innovation is needed to ensure overall action is transformative and not just incremental.

This article is part of a longer-term dedicated Action Sprint. Sign up for updates and read more on the Futures Centre’s live research hub ([link removed]) .
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** Live Research

How can the lessons of COVID-19 help us reshape our health systems to be more proactive, responsive, equitable, and community-centered?

Join us for a series of live research conversations, powered by the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, with experts and practitioners from around the world to explore the role of community health and its critical importance to ensuring resilient future health outcomes.
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** Events
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22-23 September
Green Business Summit
Forum Chief Executive Dr Sally Uren will be attending as a speaker at the upcoming, in-person Green Business Summit. Supported by the Environment Agency, The Green Business Summit is on a mission to bring together leaders in sustainability and energy from businesses, policymakers, investors, advisors, consultancies and NGOs who want to genuinely make a difference.
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29 July
Earth Overshoot Day
Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.
In 2021, it falls on 29 July.
What will you do to #MoveTheDate? ([link removed])

** In other news
* CNBC Squawk Box ([link removed]) : Dr Sally Uren recently joined CNBC to discuss the climate risks to cotton growing regions due to rising carbon emissions.
* Acclimatise ([link removed]) : Fashioning a climate-resilient cotton sector. Forum's Charlene Collison and Ulrike Stein explore why understanding the climate threat to cotton is essential for preparing a cross-sector response.
* Sustainable Brands ([link removed]) : Build Back Better: The 5 Key Pillars for a Purposeful Post-COVID Reset. Dr Sally Uren contributes to a new set of guides for post-pandemic transformation.

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