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Subject VCC Legal Update, July 2021
Date July 27, 2021 11:25 PM
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July 27, 2021

Dear Members and Supporters of Vaccine Choice Canada,

Many of you have asked about the current status of our legal challenge
filed in July 2020. Like you, we are eager for our “day in court” and
the opportunity to hold the government, public health, and the mainstream
media accountable for their egregious violations of our Charter rights and

If you recall, when we retained and instructed Rocco Galati to prepare and
issue a Statement of Claim, it was primarily because no one else was
stepping up to protect our rights. It was never our intention nor wish to
have exclusive proprietary claim over challenging the COVID measures. It
was a comprehensive declaration to governments to indicate that their
breach of our rights is not acceptable.

If you also recall the filing in itself had some immediate impact in the
first revocation of the emergency order, and a public announcement of a
pending masking injunction resulted in clear and comprehensive masking
exemption regulations by the Ontario government FOR THOSE CHOOSING TO


If you also recall, we reiterated that there is no magic wand or silver
bullet to any one singular Court case. Our goal is to fully restore our
inherent rights and freedoms and not just to show up and say we tried.
There is more to creating a winning strategy, as can be evidenced by the
various legal proceeding that have been filed and argued to date, than
simply making legal arguments in a court of law.

A significant aspect to any successful legal challenge of this nature is
having credible experts fully prepared to testify in support of the
arguments put forward. Rocco has repeatedly stated – the legal arguments
are the easiest part of our action. To have a successful outcome,
compelling expert testimony is needed to enable a judge to stand against
the fraudulent government and media narrative.

Almost every legal filing to date has failed because of a lack of adequate
expert testimony, particularly on the central and crucial issue of the
fraudulent use of PCR testing, which is at the crux of all COVID measures
justification. It has taken many, many months to secure the appropriate
experts and to complete the necessary affidavits.

Since the filing of our claim other battles have appeared that are in
concert with our initial challenge and the Board of Vaccine Choice Canada
decided to collaborate and mesh with those efforts as they were not
separate from ours. We decided and instructed and agreed with our legal
counsel that all the other dimensional challenges which were in fact part
and parcel of our own would be co-ordinated.

For example, the need to protect the right of our medical doctors, nurses,
teachers, public health officials and law enforcement officers to speak
their truth without fear of reprisal. As you are all aware, the Colleges of
Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and BC and other institutions have been
unapologetic in their efforts to intimidate into silence medical
professionals and others who dare to question the medical basis for the
measures or to share their observations on the front lines. Dr. Malthouse,
Dr. Trozzi, Dr. Hoffe, Dr. Hodkinson, Dr. Gill, Dr. Patrick, Dr. Milburn
and Dr. Christian, to name a few, have been the targets of these efforts to
censor expert opinion.

Thus, since our last update in January 2021, in concert with that overall
plan, other legal actions have been filed. These include:


The defence of doctors in Ontario and BC, before their Colleges, who have
been subjected to tyrannical censure by their Colleges. This includes two
Divisional Court applications with another three to be filed in Ontario, as
well as a judicial review on behalf of Dr. Malthouse in BC.

These Court applications take a constitutional challenge to the Colleges’
attempts to muzzle and gag these doctors who include Drs. Gill, Phillips,
Turek, Benoit, Matheson, Amani, Malthouse, Trozzi and others. In addition,
action for damages as well as the unconstitutional conduct by their
Colleges are being prepared on behalf of these doctors.


On April 30th, 2021 an application on behalf of 24+ police officers who are
challenging the enforcement of the COVID Measures as violating their Oath
to uphold the Constitution. This application challenges such things as:

(a) the fining or arrest of persons who attend protest and petitions and
assembly against government;

(b) the imposition of restriction of entry at Provincial borders;

(c) lockdowns;

(d) church and other religious gathering closures and events;

(e) the coercive measures to vaccinate.


On May 7th 2021 an Application was filed to re-open the schools in Ontario
without any of the COVID measures. (It is interesting that within a few
weeks of its filing Ontario reversed its position of not opening the
schools in September 2021). The application is still proceeding and

(a) any isolation in the school setting;

(b) any masking;

(c) the fraudulent and continued use of PCR testing; and

(d) any segregation between PCR-tested / vaccinated vs. PCR-untested/
unvaccinated children.

The preparation of this application has entailed:

- a masking expert affidavit exceeding 2,600 pages of expert testimony and
annexed reports;

- a PCR expert affidavit exceeding 6,100 pages of expert testimony and
annexed data; these expert reports concluded that the PCR test is being
fraudulently used to elevate “case numbers” with a false positive rate
of 96.5%;

- an expert report on the detrimental and developmental damages caused by
masks especially on children;

- an expert report on the detriment of the measures and online learning on

- over 30 affidavits by the Applicants, who include children, parents and
teachers, outlining the ordeal they have suffered, establishing the
required factual evidence and basis for their seeking of constitutional

All in all, there will be well over 11,000 pages of evidence filed in this
application, just on the part of the applicants.


An action has been proceeding and is well under way suing in defamation
those who have viciously maligned doctors on social media who post
information and expert opinion contrary to the state narrative.


An action will be filed imminently against the Government of BC, Premier
John Horgan, Health Minster Adrian Dix, Public Safety Minister Mike
Farnworth, and Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. This action,
spanning 425+ pages, will hold these individuals and institutions
accountable for the harm and deaths caused by their actions and failure to
act responsibly in response to COVID-19.


The defence of those instrumental in organizing protests, a
constitutionally protected right.


A Federal challenge to federal vaccine passports for international travel
is contemplated and, in the works, as will be a Provincial vaccine passport
if implemented.

In all of these proceedings constitutional declarations are sought against
all these measures and the authority of public officials imposing them.

Essentially, these other focused applications cover everything that our
statement of claim covered with the exception of vaccines which have not
yet been made mandatory by government.

Our statement of claim has and continues to act as the umbrella for these
sectorial challenges.


In addition to these Court proceedings, “actions on the ground” have
been on-going with the assistance and consultation and legal advice of our
counsel. These include:


Notices of Liability were developed through a collaboration of the
Constitutional Rights Centre and Action4Canada to hold school
superintendents, administrators, Principals, Teachers Unions, and teachers
personally liable for injury to children and adults in the public school
system, as well as their unlawful efforts to coerce children to partake in
an experimental gene treatment without the knowledge or consent of parents.

This effort has resulted in the majority of the Superintendents, Principles
and Teachers Unions being formally served with a Notice of Liability. The
actions to formally serve these individuals have been documented for future
legal action should they persist in illegal, immoral and unlawful actions.

This action has resulted in a number of Teachers Unions issuing directives
to teaching staff to not engage in any effort that may coerce a child to
partake in the vaccination experiment.


Vaccine Choice Canada, in collaboration with the Constitutional Rights
Centre and Canada Health Alliance have launched a letter writing campaign
where the focus of the campaign are the Premiers, Minsters of Health, and
the Chief Public Health Officers of the various provinces and territories.

Our goal is to make clear to these key decision-makers how their measures
and policies in response to COVID 19 have failed to address the health
needs of the public as well as the need to protect and preserve our
Constitutional rights and freedoms.


The reality is that a number of organizations are participating in a
complex strategy with our legal counsel to hold our governments, public
health officers, colleges, media and others accountable for the harm and
deaths caused by their unwarranted and unconstitutional actions. These
organizations include:

* The Constitutional Rights Centre
* Vaccine Choice Canada
* Action4Canada
* Children’s Health Defence Canada
* Stand On Guard for Thee
* Canada Health Alliance
* and other organizations and individuals.

Each of these efforts are central and critical to our overall success. In
each of these proceedings the same constitutional challenges set out in our
original claim, as applied to the circumstances, are being advanced.

It is important to recognize that these matters are legally and
scientifically complex, and constantly evolving. As new information and
research emerges, this information needs to be incorporated into future
statements of claim and actions.

While we appreciate the frustration in witnessing the ongoing, systemic
violations of our rights and freedoms by those we entrusted to protect
Canadians, we are confident that we are making a difference and that our
collective actions to hold government and others accountable is causing
governments and others to reconsider their measures.

The board wishes it could be more explicit in disclosing our actions to
date, however, to do so would more elaborately reveal our litigation
strategy which could be detrimental to our cases.

This letter is being issued out of respect to our members and supporters,
however, our counsel advises that under the normal circumstances a letter
such as this would never go out.


We remind you that legal action alone cannot stop the systemic violations
by our governments, health agencies and mainstream media. These violations
must also be addressed by direct individual action.

This includes engaging your elected representatives, holding the media
accountable for deception and distortion, educating family and friends,
being unwilling to comply with illegal, unconstitutional and unwarranted
measures, and being vocal in challenging illegal and unconstitutional

The ending of tyranny cannot be brought about by a single court case, a
single lawyer, or a single organization, but rather by each of us engaging
in action to defend our rights and freedoms.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


The Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada

Vaccine Choice Canada is a federally registered, volunteer run,
not-for-profit educational society dedicated to helping families make
voluntary, fully informed, and health-conscious choices. This information
is for educational purposes and is not intended as legal, health or medical

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