From Dan Schmeising, Liberal Democrats <[email protected]>
Subject What's new with the Lib Dems?
Date July 22, 2021 9:30 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Liberal Democrats Your exclusive July briefing is here 🔶

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John’s July Briefing from the Liberal Democrats.

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Thank you Willie Rennie!

After over a decade as leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie
is stepping aside.

He's been an asset to the party - and raised his own majority to a massive 55%
in the Scottish Parliament elections in May! He also does the best photo ops in

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In this month's briefing:

* Willie Rennie!
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* Why we're against domestic vaccine passports
* We're changing the narrative
* The Conservatives must recommit to foreign aid
* Stopping the Tories - together

Opposing the Government's vaccine passports

The Government are trying to bring in vaccine passports for access to venues
such as clubs from September. We think it's a bad idea, and we're fighting to
make them change course.

Here's a little more information on why we're against them:

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Media Round-up

Our amazing win in Chesham and Amersham! 🎉
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Coverage roundup

Buidling safety crisis "a national scandal"
<[link removed]>
Daisy Cooper MP in the Big Issue

The blue wall is game on.
<[link removed]>
Ed Davey MP in the i

Where's the guidance for vulnerable people?
<[link removed]>
Munira Wilson MP in the Guardian

Plans for a UK refugee processing centre in Africa are appalling and inhumane.
<[link removed]>
Alistair Carmichael MP for the Mirror

The Tories must recommit to foreign aid.
<[link removed]>
Layla Moran MP for the Times

Let's stop the Tories - together

We sent a shockwave through British politics with our win in Chesham and

That incredible result was down to our amazing members and supporters. John,
will you join us and help challenge the Conservatives across the country?

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Thanks for reading, John! We hope you're doing well - see you next month.

Best wishes,
Dan Schmeising (he/him)
Email Marketing Manager
Liberal Democrats

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