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Subject We can’t let the GOP get away with lying about January 6.
Date July 22, 2021 3:15 PM
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Friend -- as new footage from the January 6 Capitol riots is released, we are reminded of how hypocritical the insurrectionists and those that defend them are.

Incited by Trump, hundreds of rioters stomped on the flag and police officers, threatened the lives of legislators, and demanded the overthrow of our democracy.

Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe reminded us of the pure hypocrisy of these rioters and those that support them: “[The rioters] were using American flags to brutalize police officers, law enforcement personnel. Hypocrites on supporting the blue, hypocrites on supporting the American flag.”

Team -- members of the GOP like Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson are pretending like nothing happened on January 6. While they try to paint a picture of peace, we can't deny the facts: Police officers were brutalized, legislators feared for their lives, and America's democracy was threatened.

When elected officials in the GOP actively defend and justify these acts of insurrection, they set a dangerous precedent. We can't keep allowing right-wing extremists to threaten our democracy, and that starts with getting extremists out of office.

With the midterm elections coming up, we have an opportunity to unseat dangerous GOP radicals like Ron Johnson. Rather than standing on the side of truth, many Republicans fueled the flames that led to the Capitol riot and continue to fan them to this day. Johnson won his last Senate race by just two points, and he's not the only extremist in danger of losing his seat. We're going to make the difference in close elections across the country in 2022. If you can contribute $10, $25, or more, we can put an end to their failed leadership. >> [link removed]

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Thank you for all that you do to fight back.

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