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Subject July Issue Briefing Recap: Immigrant Health
Date July 20, 2021 8:02 PM
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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Dear John,

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Immigrant Health: Evidence & Policy Issues

Today, Health Affairs hosted the second of two July issue briefings
. "Immigrant Health: Evidence &
Policy Issues" focused on effects of recent US immigration policy on
health care, coverage, and outcomes for immigrants in the United States.

Featured authors presented their research published in the July issue,
Borders, Immigrants, and Health

* Arturo Vargas Bustamante presented on health trends and disparities

in health, health care, and coverage among US-born residents and

* Dolores Acevedo-Garcia described immigrant legality as a social

of family and children's health and a barrier to safety-net programs.

* Brandy Lipton discussed the effects of California's May 2016
Health4All Kids coverage expansion

on noncitizen children's uninsurance rates and sources of coverage.

* Leighton Ku discussed citizenship eligibility restrictions
access to public insurance coverage for noncitizen children.

* Sharon Touw described the influence on immigrant essential workers
of changes to the "public charge" rule

concerning noncitizens accessing public programs.

**** Following the presentations, Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil moderated a
discussion and audience question-and-answer with the presenters about
policy issues related to immigrants and health.

Visit our website to view our
first issue briefing focused on border health

Today on Health Affairs Blog, Brian Blase, an assistant to the president
at the White House's National Economic Council from January 2017
through June 2019, argues that, without proper context, the claim that
31 million Americans were enrolled

in coverage under the Affordable Care Act is misleading.

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Your Daily Digest

Health Policy Challenges Posed By Shifting Demographics And Health
Trends Among Immigrants To The United States

Arturo Vargas Bustamante et al.

Restoring An Inclusionary Safety Net For Children In Immigrant Families:
A Review Of Three Social Policies

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia et al.

California's Health4All Kids Expansion And Health Insurance Coverage
Among Low-Income Noncitizen Children

Brandy J. Lipton et al.

Noncitizen Children Face Higher Health Harms Compared With Their
Siblings Who Have US Citizen Status

Mariellen Jewers and Leighton Ku

Immigrant Essential Workers Likely Avoided Medicaid And SNAP Because Of
A Change To The Public Charge Rule

Sharon Touw et al.

Examining The Affordable Care Act's Effect On Coverage

Brian Blase

Podcast: Many US Immigrants May Defer Health Care To Avoid ICE

Alan Weil and Abigail Friedman

[link removed]

Many US Immigrants May Defer Health Care to Avoid ICE

Listen to Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interview Abigail
Friedman from the Yale School of Public Health on the chilling effects
of US immigration enforcement and the relationship between immigration
enforcement and health care use.

Listen Here


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