From Natalie Mebane - <[email protected]>
Subject Filibuster
Date July 19, 2021 7:30 PM
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Our democracy and our climate recently took a major blow – and the filibuster is largely to blame. Let me explain:

Two weeks ago, the filibuster was used to block a vote on the For the People Act, which would have expanded voting rights and reformed campaign finance laws to rein in dark money – which Americans overwhelmingly want.

Under current Senate rules, a supermajority (or 60 votes) is required to end the filibuster and move a bill to a vote. That means that unless 60 senators vote to move the bill forward, it's stuck in Senate gridlock.

As we’ve seen increasingly over the last decade, the filibuster is a tactic used to block and delay action on critical bills – but if we end the filibuster, senators can vote and pass bills with a simple majority.

Will you urge your senators to support abolishing the filibuster? It’s more important than ever that we remove this archaic Senate rule standing in the way of protecting our climate. [link removed]

Write to your senators » [link removed]

It’s become increasingly clear that our voting rights and our ability to pass critical action on climate depends on abolishing the filibuster.

Throughout its history, the filibuster has been used as a tool to block civil rights legislation – most notably, an anti-lynching bill which still hasn’t been passed. Its ugly history is very clearly echoed in how the filibuster is being abused today, and it’s past time that it be abolished.

Without the filibuster, senators can actually debate, vote on bills, and therefore are more likely to pass the policies that the majority of voters elected them to do – starting with the End Polluter Welfare Act, BUILD GREEN Act, and the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act.

The filibuster stands in the way of progress that people are demanding. Please add your name now to tell your senators that we must end the filibuster in order to stop voter suppression and protect our climate.

Write to your senators » [link removed]

With thanks,

Natalie Mebane
Associate Director of Policy

1 - The Hill: [link removed]


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