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Subject Nursing Facility Staff Size And COVID-19, Health At The Border & More
Date July 18, 2021 12:07 PM
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July 18, 2021

Dear John,

It's not too late to register for Tuesday's Health Affairs
briefing,Immigration: Evidence & Policy Issues

Read on for highlights from Health Affairs this week.

What's New In Health Affairs

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In a new article published ahead of print this week, Brian McGarry and
coauthors explore the link between skilled nursing facility staff size
and COVID-19 case rates

Using data from June through September 2020, they found that nursing
homes with the most staff members had cumulative resident case rates
that were 92 percent higher and death rates that were 133 percent higher
than those of facilities with the fewest staff members.

On Monday, Health Affairs hosted the first of two July issue briefings.
The virtual event focused on health and health policy on both sides of
the US-Mexico border. Featured authors presented their research
published in the July issue, Borders, Immigrants, and Health.

* Sharon Borja and coauthors studied insurance rates of US citizen
migrant children

living in Mexico.

* Ietza Bojorquez-Chapela and coauthors analyzed Mexican health policy
documents to study the extent to which in-transit migrants and asylum

were considered in the country's COVID-19 response.

* Arturo Vargas Bustamante and coauthors examined health trends and
disparities in health care and coverage among US-born residents and

* C. Nicholas Cuneo and coauthors examined data about people seeking
asylum in the US from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

who presented to a medical clinic in Boston.

* Rodrigo Dominguez-Villegas and Arturo Vargas Bustamante examined
health insurance coverage of people born in Mexico who left and returned
either voluntarily or because they were deported.

* Keith Gennuso and colleagues calculated life expectancy by race and

for counties on the US side of the US-Mexico border.

A recording of the event
available on our website.

This week on Health Affairs Blog, Katie Keith discussed the announcement
that Marketplace enrollment growth

has already topped two million during the COVID-19 enrollment period.

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Featured This Week

Larger Nursing Home Staff Size Linked To Higher Number Of COVID-19 Cases
In 2020

Brian E. McGarry et al.

Health Insurance Access Among US Citizen Children In Mexico: National
And Transborder Policy Implications

Sharon Borja et al.

In-Transit Migrants And Asylum Seekers: Inclusion Gaps In Mexico's
COVID-19 Health Policy Response

Ietza Bojorquez-Chapela et al.

Health Policy Challenges Posed By Shifting Demographics And Health
Trends Among Immigrants To The United States

Arturo Vargas Bustamante et al.

What Counts As 'Safe?': Exposure To Trauma And Violence Among Asylum
Seekers From The Northern Triangle

C. Nicholas Cuneo et al.

Health Insurance Coverage In Mexico Among Return Migrants: Differences
Between Voluntary Return Migrants And Deportees

Rodrigo Dominguez-Villegas and Arturo Vargas Bustamante

Life Expectancy At The US-Mexico Border: Evidence Of Disparities By
Place, Race, And Ethnicity

Keith P. Gennuso et al.

Podcast: An Aging Immigrant Population And The Health Policy Questions
It Raises

Alan Weil and Arturo Vargas Bustamante

Podcast: New Biden Executive Order Targets Hospital Mergers & Drug
Pricing, Renews Antitrust Focus

Rob Lott and Jeff Byers

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An Aging Immigrant Population And The Health Policy Questions It Raises

Listen to Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interview Arturo
Vargas Bustamante from UCLA on the health of immigrants in the US today
and how the shifting demography of the nation affects health policies.

Listen Here

On The Blog This Week

No Sound Public Health Justification For Biden's Migrant Expulsions

Rachel Pearson et al.

America And The TRIPS Waiver: You Can Talk The Talk, But Will You Walk
The Walk?

Vineeta Gupta and Sreenath Namboodiri

For Its Health Equity Agenda, The Biden Administration Needs Research
That Focuses On Impacted Communities

Brian C. Quinn and Tina Kauh

Climate Change Calls For A New Hippocratic Oath

Gary Cohen

Marketplace Enrollment Tops Two Million During COVID-19 Enrollment

Katie Keith

Pandemic Highlights The Barrier Represented By The Public Health
Regulatory Structure

Andrew M. Wiesenthal et al.

Pragmatic Advocacy: Advancing Racial Equity In Physician Associations

Sorcha Brophy and Veena Sriram

Universal Basic Income: Benefit Delivery Via A Stacked Debit Card

John Sweeney
Sponsored by WEX


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New Biden Executive Order Targets Hospital Mergers & Drug Pricing,
Renews Antitrust Focus

Listen to Health Affairs' Rob Lott and Jeff Byers go over the health
care sections in the Biden administration's executive order on promoting
competition in the US economy.

Listen Here


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The July 2021 thematic issue of

**Health Affairs**takes an intensive look at the

****policy issues related to immigrants, borders, and health. Articles
describe current migration trends and supply new data analysis and
commentary on how policies can address disparities and ease the
disproportionate health burden borne by immigrants.

Immigrant Health: Evidence & Policy Issues
Tuesday, July 20, 2021, 1:30-3 pm (EDT)

Please join us on Tuesday, July 20, when

**Health Affairs** takes a closer look at the effects of recent US
immigration policy on care, coverage, and outcomes for immigrants in the
United States. Topics will include how, in mixed status families,
noncitizen children face tougher health effects than their citizen
siblings; how immigration enforcement reduces use of benefits like
Medicaid and SNAP; and how states and others are crafting policy to
restore that critical safety net.

Register Here

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