From Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association <[email protected]>
Subject NDP Coalition with Liberals
Date October 14, 2019 7:00 PM
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John --
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, yes that Singh who has been labeling us as racists, says he will form a coalitions government with Trudeau if that is what it takes to keep the conservatives from assuming power.? This was announced on the 13th in a Liberal held riding in Surrey BC.? This is not the first time this has happened.? In 2008, NDP formed a coalition with a written letter of support from the Bloc that was intended to topple the minority Conservative government under Stephen Harper.? Singh laid out the conditions - climate change action, national pharmacare, interest free student loans, cuts to cell phone bills, affordable housing and increased taxes on the rich.? He said he will do whatever it takes to stop a Conservative government, they will fight a Conservative government!!

First off to pay for all these benefits, the taxes would have to be increased massively across the board, not just for the rich. ?

Secondly, it is the rich that supply us with jobs and opportunities.? We have seen corporations leaving Alberta in droves.? Small business have been closing and claiming bankruptcy.? What will this do to Alberta? ?

Third, their idea of climate action is shutting down our oil industry.? Can we allow that to happen?? Can we afford that? ?

This is the systematic destruction of the Canada we know.? We all know this is all part of the UN Agenda 21/30 (Sustainable Resources), break down a society in order to build up and bring in the New Socialist World Order.

We are not fear mongering, this is all fact.? All you have to do is listen to Trudeau.? He has said many times we are a post Globalist state.? People we need to wake up. ?

Please, if you have family members that are planning on voting NDP, remind them that this is a vote for Trudeau and globalism.? It is great to want to support everyone and be the charity country of the world, but what does that do to your life?? Increased immigration on a massive scale, healthcare and education free to everyone....??? Can Canada afford that when we can not even take care of our seniors and vets???

Quebec has been given the go ahead to have all their immigrants complete a values test before they are approved to live there.? If they don't pass they will be moved to other provinces.? When Bernier suggested a values test for entry into Canada he was called a racist.? It is okay for Quebec but not the rest of Canada?? Singh had no issue with this as well as the law about no head coverings allowed in Quebec government positions.? Hypocrisy at its best!? And, where was the media on this??

There is a price to be paid for everything.? They, being the Liberals and NDP, are selling us a bill of goods that will destroy Canada!!!? Nothing is free.

Remember heaven has gates, hell has none!!? We need to take a stand and vote PPC.? Our freedom and values are at stake.? We want to live in a country where we can celebrate our differences, show the value of hard work, love and care for our neighbours, have rights and be heard.? There is a price for everything, do not sell out our Canadian freedoms.

Being Canadian meant something at one time.? Do not let them take that away from you.? We all are Canadian and proud.? We believe in integrity and honesty in politics.? We have to fight to keep our democracy!!!

I am writing this with lots of emotion because Canada means a lot to me.? I love my country.? I was born here.? I have celebrated with new Canadians when they saw what the value of their hard work had accomplished. When they opened their first business then they truly felt Canadian. Our Edmonton cultural days meant a lot to me because I loved learning about the different cultures and beliefs.? This is what Freedom is about.? We share with each other and learn from each other.? No one is better than another.? We all have our cultures.

My name is Debra Langtry and I fully support Maxime Bernier and I say no to UN Globalists.

I am Canadian first!!

Vote for Canada!

Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association
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Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association - 5212 25 Ave, #207, Edmonton, AB T6L 6R7, Canada
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