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Subject Joe Manchin: ExxonMobil's "Kingmaker"
Date July 10, 2021 9:15 PM
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Hi John,

An undercover investigation by Greenpeace just exposed Big Oil's corrupt tactics.

Greenpeace caught one of Exxon's senior lobbyists on tape bragging that he'd secretly used Senators like Joe Manchin to weaken the climate provisions in the bipartisan infrastructure plan. He even called Manchin his "Kingmaker."

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If we allow corrupt backroom deals from within our own party to block progress and destroy our planet, then we deserve to lose our majorities in 2022. That's why I am speaking out and fighting for the Green New Deal.

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Fighting worthy fights makes a lot of people nervous -- especially Big Oil corporations that benefit from inaction on climate legislation. And we know they're pouring MILLIONS into misinformation campaigns, proposing half-measures, and buying up corrupt politicians to make sure nothing ever gets done.

That's why I'm counting on the support of progressive Democrats like you to fuel our movement. John, I'm humbly asking you to rush a donation of $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can to help me face down Big Oil and fight for the future of our planet. >> [link removed]

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Thank you so much for joining me in this fight. Our progressive movement relies on a national grassroots army, and together we can avert the climate catastrophe.



P.S. Without grassroots pressure, our fight to save the planet, create millions of green jobs, and make America a global leader on climate action will be ignored by complacent and corrupt politicians. So I'm counting on your support, and I hope you'll join our fight with a donation of $25 today. Here's the link to donate: [link removed]


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