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Date July 4, 2021 4:02 PM
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This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism

This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism
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** This week’s updates
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** Disgraced Bristol University professor David Miller accused of using £400,000 research grant to further research on “British Zionist scene”
Friday, 2nd July, 15:51

Disgraced Bristol University professor David Miller has been accused of using a research grant of £401,552 to further his research on the “British Zionist scene.” It was reported that between 2013 and 2016, Prof. Miller used this funding to produce a paper called “The Israel Lobby and the European Union”, in which he accused Israel “lobby […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** JVL co-founder Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi removed from local Labour Party’s executive committee
Thursday, 1st July, 16:28

It was reported earlier this week that Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi has been removed from Chingford and Woodford Green constituency Labour Party’s (CLP) executive committee. Ms Wimborne-Idrissi, the co-founder and Media Officer of Jewish Voice for Labour, an antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, was serving as the Vice-Chair of Chingford and Woodford Green’s CLP. However, the recent elections for the […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** New poll shows 60% of Labour members think antisemitic former leader Jeremy Corbyn should have the whip restored
Thursday, 1st July, 14:34

According to a newly published YouGov poll, 60% of Labour members think that the antisemitic former leader Jeremy Corbyn should have the whip restored. This worrying result from the poll, which was conducted among a sample size of 871 Labour members in Britain and ran for a total of five days, comes nearly one year […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** “Zionist Fascist Police State” graffiti found in park in North London
Thursday, 1st July, 11:42

Graffiti reading “Zionist Fascist Police State” was found scrawled on a structure in a park in Stamford Hill. The graffiti was spotted at the corner of Lee Valley Park by the River Lea, near Bakers Hill, and was reported by Stamford Hill Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol. If you have any more information, please contact […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Batley and Spen by-election campaign rocked by allegations and evidence of antisemitism
Wednesday, 30th June, 17:52

The closely-watched Batley and Spen by-election, which takes place on Thursday, has been rocked with both allegations and evidence of antisemitism. Much of the campaign has been focused on the ‘Free Palestine’ protests of recent weeks – a focus inflamed by the provocative and controversial politician George Galloway, who is running in the by-election for the Workers […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Stop Funding Hate accused of “militant prejudice” over strategic advisor defending inflammatory tweets
Wednesday, 30th June, 16:54

Stop Funding Hate (SFH), a campaign that encourages advertisers to boycott media whom they consider hateful, has been accused of “militant prejudice” after it was revealed by the JC that one of their strategic advisors had defended inflammatory tweets made by others. Stu Moran, the CEO of Web Foundry, a consultancy that provides logistical and […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Numerous MPs appear to excuse antisemitism in Palestinian Authority textbooks in Parliamentary debate
Wednesday, 30th June, 16:50

Numerous MPs from across parties appeared to excuse antisemitism in Palestinian Authority textbooks in a debate in Parliament today. The debate focused on a recent “EU Review into Palestinian school textbooks”, which revealed that Palestinian Authority textbooks are rife with antisemitism. As Caroline Ansell MP put it, opening the debate, “The EU report clearly identifies evidence of anti-Jewish racism […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Jeremy Corbyn allies and Momentum supporters ousted at Hendon Constituency Labour Party executive committee elections
Wednesday, 30th June, 11:53

A Jewish woman has been elected as the Chair of Hendon Constituency Labour Party’s (CLP) executive committee, with supporters of both Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum being ousted from their positions. The shake-up that occurred resulted from Hendon CLP’s AGM this past Sunday. Hendon CLP’s leadership was previously a stronghold for Momentum, the grassroots organisation that […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Scottish Labour councillor under investigation after doubling down on previous inflammatory comments and claiming former party leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended for “expressing free speech”
Tuesday, 29th June, 15:57

A Scottish Labour councillor has come under investigation from the Labour Party after appearing to double down on previous inflammatory comments and claiming that former party leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the party simply for “expressing free speech.” Cllr Jim Sheridan made the comments last week during a debate at Renfrewshire Council on the effect […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Education Secretary Gavin Williamson says of disgraced Bristol University professor David Miller: “I do not expect universities to tolerate racists”
Tuesday, 29th June, 13:11

The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, has said of the disgraced academic David Miller: “I do not expect universities to tolerate racists”. Mr Williamson made the comments at an Education Select Committee hearing last Wednesday after being asked for his position on the sociology professor by the Chair, Robert Halfon. Mr Williamson responded: “I would never expect a university […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Neo-Nazi teenager who threatened attack on Dover migrants admits terror offences after previously appearing in court with co-defendant who reportedly claimed “all Jews should die”
Tuesday, 29th June, 13:10

A neo-Nazi teenager from Derbyshire has admitted terror offences after threatening an attack on migrants at Dover. The fifteen-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, discussed the attack on a far-right Telegram channel that he had created, explaining his intentions and potential weapons. He appeared on Monday at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to encouraging […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Home Secretary Priti Patel demands Met Police does more to stop ‘Free Palestine’ convoys driving to London after protests rocked by antisemitism
Monday, 28th June, 18:28

Priti Patel has reportedly demanded that the Metropolitan Police does more to prevent ‘Free Palestine’ convoys driving to London after the previous two convoys – as well as countless demonstrators around the country – were rocked by antisemitism. According to a report in The Mail On Sunday, an ‘insider’ said: “The Home Secretary is not happy with the […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Neo-Nazi who wrote that ethnic minorities should be “sent home” and “sterilised” is jailed on terror offences
Monday, 28th June, 15:10

A neo-Nazi who wrote that ethnic minorities should be “sent home” and “sterilised” has been jailed on terror offences. Michael Nugent, 38, used online chat groups to disseminate violent, neo-Nazi ideas, which included advocating terrorism. He also shared information of how to make explosives. According to police, he used Telegram where he ran and contributed […] Continue reading ([link removed])

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