From Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association <[email protected]>
Date October 12, 2019 7:48 AM
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John --
Well crunch time is here!! It is now time to cast your vote for what you would like to see happen in Canada in the next four years!? Vote for your values, vote for integrity, vote for freedom, vote for our vets and seniors, vote for Canada! Vote for PPC - People's Party of Canada!! Let's make a difference!!

Let's reassert our National Sovereignty, and withdraw from the Global Compact on Migration and the Paris Accord.? We are Canadian not a post UN Globalist country. ?

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Please check out the following link that emphasizes why we need to focus on Canadians and not the UN Globalist agenda :

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"Just the UN Secretariat alone has over 44,000 overpaid bureaucrats working for it, not including the tens of thousands of additional bureaucrats working at the 15 UN specialized agencies or the dizzying array of auxiliary UN outfits. Adding insult to injury, UN bureaucrats make enormous amounts of money, too, including $400 per day per diem while in New York. According to a 2012 report, there were 637 employees of the UN Development Program (UNDP) with over $1 million in their accounts. There were over 1,000 who had homes worth more than $1 million, too. Leaders at the UN pull down salaries and benefits that would boggle the mind."

Our closing thoughts:

There are too many reasons why we really have to do our research when choosing a political party.? We are living in strange times. As we have seen in the past few months - people, media and politicians will demonize, twist, censor, lie and shut out opposing view points. We have seen that the integrity of people, corporations and media is nonexistent at times. It can be hard to discern the truth from fiction.? We have to ask ourselves as Canadians, what does our Canada look like?? Are we an example of tolerance, free speech, diversity, economical health and most importantly a democracy where every voice counts as per our Charter of Rights?? We are a country of many different belief systems, nationalities, cultures and languages. Let us be the example that we want other countries to envy.? Let's be proud Canadians!! Let us celebrate our differences! Let that be our strength.? To build a strong and prosperous Canada we as Canadians have to be strong!!?

Below are a few links that may help with your decision.? Vote for your values and integrity!

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Our PPC candidate Annie Young believes in you and your choices.? Check out the PPC Platform again and choose wisely.? The next four years could be detrimental to Canada's future.? We are in strange times.

Vote for freedom, values, integrity and accountability!

Vote for Annie Young - PPC People's Party of Canada

Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association
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Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association - 5212 25 Ave, #207, Edmonton, AB T6L 6R7, Canada
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