Hi there,
When I think of love of country, I think of Andy Kim. We all saw Andy's love of country and his bone-deep commitment to service on January 6th, as he stayed late into the night to help sweep up debris from that day's terrible attack on the Capitol Building where we both serve.
I can't imagine a Congress without him in it, but far-right super-PACs and hate groups are dead-set on achieving just that. I've seen the ads that these groups are spending six figures to run in NJ-03, and frankly they're beyond the pale. We cannot let that go unanswered.
That's why I asked Andy if I could email you today: this Wednesday's fundraising deadline is a big one, and I was distressed to hear that raising the resources Andy needs to keep fighting has been tough these past couple of months. So, I'm setting a personal challenge to raise $10K for Andy's campaign between now and Wednesday, and I know this team is up to the task.
Will you contribute $10 or more now to help us surge ahead before the clock runs out? If we all give what we can, I have no doubt that Andy will have the resources he needs to keep fighting for the same New Jersey community that raised him.
Andy Kim and Cory Booker, pictured together at an outdoor event.
It's been an honor to serve with Andy in Congress and to witness the young kid who I first met on his Rhodes Scholar selection committee growing into a true public servant and leader who exemplifies the radical love and courageous empathy that we so desperately need right now.
But, that's not the story that GOP PACs and far-right hate groups are spending so much dark money to tell voters in NJ-03. It's on all of us to cut through their noise with Andy's record.
Simply put: If Andy loses the narrative to these dark-money groups, he'll never win against their hand-picked candidate. That wouldn't just mean his community losing a great public servant, either: Unless Andy wins in NJ-03, we're sure to lose the House majority with him.
Andy will never accept a dime from those dark forces' deep pockets. He's built his campaign in a better way -- founded and focused on grassroots donors like you, not special interest groups and dark money. That's how it should be, but it only works if we all do our part.
So, please join me to help Andy surge ahead of these dark groups and keep fighting for the progress we've fought so hard to achieve -- and everything we still need to accomplish together. Thanks for giving whatever you can right now: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/donate-andy-kim-booker-q2-goal
Let's do this, team!
-- Cory

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