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Subject The Town Hall Movement
Date June 22, 2021 5:14 AM
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Hello Patriots and Freedom Fighters!

Yes, it's been a long time since we have reached out through our email. I have been so busy with other things taking my attention away from this communication mechanism.

I just want to give you an update as too what we have been doing and what we will continue to be doing.

A couple of months ago I began to realize that we had hit maximum effectiveness with our rally/protest movement and while still promoting the rallies, decided to instead of waiting for the people to come to the message that we take the message to the people. It was then that myself and RB Ham started encouraging communities to organize town hall events and if they could get more than 50 people to attend that we would come and connect some dots as to why this is all happening and how covid is directly connected to the globalist agenda, the great reset/agenda2030/agenda21/4th industrial revolution/sustainable development agenda. So far it has been received very well. We generally get over 100 people at our events in Saskatchewan and Alberta, with a little less through our BC tour, but still very successful. We are planning a local town hall in the Saskatoon area on June 26th at 7pm at Guenther Farms (located just north of Martensville - Google will tell you where it is). We are also planning a BC Lower Mainland town hall series and working with Susan Standfield to achieve that. Tentatively we are looking at Hope, Chilliwack, Abbottsford, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Burnaby, and Vancouver.

We have to bust through the mainstream media narrative that our useless politicians simply follow in behind. The best way to do that is old school. Face to face town hall meetings where we provide the truth and much needed context to covid. Without context the masses will never accept a narrative that opposes what their dear media tells them. Soon the lockdowns and restrictions will be over. We must not stop getting the information to the masses. The globalists are not even close to finished, they're just getting started! They have an agenda to achieve by 2030 and they will not stop for anything until the people stop it!

Anyway, if you are in a community that would like to organize and host a town hall event, we would be happy to work with you to make that happen. We have upped our standard to attend. We need a commitment of 100 people to be at these meetings. That's the attendance numbers we want to achieve. Email us at [email protected] to get this moving forward!

Thank you Patriots!

Talk to you soon!


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