Dear John

At Church Action on Poverty we've enjoyed working with Scouse writer-actor Ellis Howard over the past year. Together we've been helping people channel their experiences of poverty and struggle into powerful activism.

In this new video, Ellis explains why telling your own story is like having a superpower:

Activism, struggle and superpowers

Ellis explains really clearly the power and importance of people telling their own stories:

"With Church Action on Poverty, I ran a series of workshops all about how we can use our lived  experiences and transform them to activism; how we can own our stories of struggle, of  food shortages, to empower us and to help shape future policy and future lives.  
"For so long these stories, these experiences, these lives have been completely undocumented. They haven’t been celebrated in a glorious nuanced way. 
"Get in touch with all of those things that make you unique, and absolutely harness them, because that’s where your superpower lies."

Ellis explains eloqently why it's so important that people should be able to exercise dignity, agency and power.

If you can make a donation today, you could help more people to tell their stories and find their superpowers!

Best wishes,

Liam Purcell
Church Action on Poverty