We just wrapped up the most conservative legislative session in modern Texas history. Instead of increasing funding for public schools, fixing our electric grid, and helping Texans recover from COVID-19, we had to fight off attacks on the LGBTQ community, gun safety, and voting rights.


As if that wasn't enough, Gov. Abbott just vetoed all pay and benefits for our office staff and for the professional support staff that are essential to the Legislature’s work because we broke quorum to kill the worst voter suppression bill we’ve seen in years.


But we're fighting back. Today is the first day we can raise money for 2022. Not only do we have to protect our seats, but now we have to take care of our staff.  Will you help me fight back by donating today?

I’m running for re-election to continue to fight for strong public schools, access to healthcare, good jobs in our community, equality for all, and voting rights. This will be a tough race. And with redistricting on the horizon we can’t afford to take any time off or take anything for granted.


John, you’ve always had my back. Will you stand with me once more today? Our first fundraising deadline is just 9 days away.

At the end of the day this is about our community and the kind of future we want for ourselves and our families. Texas can be a state that leads the way for the nation, where we take care of each other, and achieve more than we ever dreamed was possible. We must keep fighting.



All the best,


John Bucy III

State Representative

Political advertising paid for by John Bucy Campaign, Hon. Heather Jefts, treasurer.