Advance Polls Open and Help Needed This Weekend In Your Area

Hello John,

Today and all this weekend the advance polls are open. Please make sure you take advantage of this if you are not able to vote on Election Day. Your voter card has the information and if you did not receive one yet, the Elections Canada website can help you locate it.

This long weekend we also need a LOT of help to distribute our last 10,000 pieces of literature. We are hoping you will contact us at to consider taking on a small piece, perhaps 200 or so homes and we will try to keep you close to your area if possible. This would take about 2 hours of time. Additionally, we have about 200 or so small signs to get out on the roads. If you are able to help, this is our last push with just over a week to Election Day.

And lastly, the Thanksgiving Day long weekend is a time when family get together and share meals, laughter, sports, cheer and more often than not, chatter about the latest news, which is the election. Word of mouth advertising about the party and our policies is a major way people are learning about us. When someone hears about us from someone they know or trust, it leaves a great first impression which easily overcomes the stereotypes the other parties are trying to apply to us.

This weekend, and always, have the courage of your convictions. Canada needs us now more than ever.

Thank you for your support.

Kanata-Carleton People's Party of Canada EDA
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