From Sadie - Dignity in Dying <[email protected]>
Subject “People need to know how horrible it is”
Date June 18, 2021 4:34 PM
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Good afternoon friend,

I never cease to be amazed by the bravery of those who come forward to speak out
about their experience of injustice as a consequence of the ban on assisted
dying. When we heard from sisters Sarah, Zoe and Tora about their mother’s
death, they showed us these text messages that show in heartbreaking detail just
how traumatic Heather’s final days were. Now they want to share that with as
many people as possible. Although it's hard for the sisters to share something
so personal, they want to do everything they can to change the law.


The Scottish Sunday Times ran a story
[[link removed]] about Heather and her daughters recently which garnered huge public support.
Heather Black was a born fighter who spent her life campaigning for the rights
of others. But her own horrific death was a direct result of the fact that dying
people in Britain still do not have the right to choose when and how they die.

There are new Assisted Dying Bills on the way in Scotland and in Westminster - and we’re in a strong position to win. As well as providing dying Scots with the choice they so clearly need, law
change in Scotland would go a long way to show lawmakers in Westminster that
dying people across the UK need this choice. MPs must be prepared to follow
Scotland’s example.

Sarah, Zoe and Tora have been powerful advocates for assisted dying since
Heather’s death - demanding change in her memory. Thanks to your support we are doing all we can to honour their courage and
Heather’s lifelong commitment to doing the right thing.

I’ll be in touch when we need you to take action. But today I wanted to remember
the people we’re fighting for, those who are fighting with us today and those
who have done so much to get us here but who were unable to benefit from the
choice they campaigned for.

Thank you for standing with us.

Keep up the great work and together we will change the law.

Sadie Kempner

Dignity in Dying

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