Dear John

In June, Church Action on Poverty's 2021 calendar story features activist Wayne Green

  • How do we recognise and uphold the dignity, agency, and power of people in poverty?
  • How do we ensure people with first-hand insights are heard and heeded?
  • How do we bring together all our myriad experiences, skills and resolve, to break free from poverty and build a more compassionate society?

Throughout this year, to help answer some of those questions, are sharing the stories behind the photos in our calendar. Each month, we focus on one inspirational project that we are proud to stand alongside in the movement to end poverty. This month, we hear from Wayne Green in Worthing. 

Why should people in poverty speak up? What will it take to make society better? What do young campaigners need to know?

Wayne Green has been striving to make UK society better for years, since taking part in the first UK Poverty Hearings organised by Church Action on Poverty.

Wayne shares his story in a blog post and in the latest episode of our podcast - talking about his own eviction with a new baby in the 1990s, and the countless successes and lessons over the years since.

Wayne's story is a reminder of the long-term impact people in poverty can make when they're able to exercise dignity, agency and power.

If you can make a donation to Church Action on Poverty, you could help ensure more people like Wayne are able to speak truth to power about poverty in the future.

Best wishes,

Liam Purcell
Church Action on Poverty