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Subject Tucker Carlson teaching K-12 students!?
Date June 13, 2021 6:30 PM
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John, reaching out to make sure you heard the news: PragerU – the right-wing propaganda machine that shares YouTube "lessons" by the likes of Tucker Carlson and others masquerading as “faculty” – is infiltrating K-12 classrooms across the country. We still need 342 activists to speak out against this conservative propaganda in our public school classrooms.

PragerU is an insidious scheme by billionaires that amplifies policies that allow the rich to get richer – funded by fossil-fuel executives who want to buy another yacht while Americans starve. Its propaganda is so blatant that one PragerU video is even titled "Income Inequality is Good." The worst part is, these videos are being presented to students as unbiased facts in school.

We're fighting back to ensure this trickle-down propaganda stays out of classrooms, but we still need 342 supporters, including you, to speak out alongside us. Your response is still missing and our deadline is 11:59 p.m. tonight, so please tell us now:

Should PragerU propaganda be banned from public schools?

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From: Stephen
Date: Fri, May 28, 2021
Subject: PragerU’s extremist bullsh*t

We need to talk about the danger to society that is PragerU: the right-wing group funded by fossil-fuel billionaires that’s packaging trickle-down propaganda into slick YouTube videos – hosted by a 'faculty' (we’re talking the likes of Adam Carolla and Tucker Carlson) that boasts a collective IQ slightly higher than most North American pond scums – and spreading their misinformation like wildfire online.

Yep, that PragerU. The fake “university” is a favorite amplifier of trickle-down fanatics, and the organization loves to parrot talking points that advance economic policies which put more money into coffers of their corporate backers and the top 1% of earners. 

But here’s the scary thing about those videos that masquerade as educational resources: We just got news that these PragerU “resources” are infiltrating our country’s public K-12 school systems, pumping right-wing beliefs and failed trickle-down economic thinking directly into the minds of young people – all the while being presented as “objective” facts. 

And that's why, we need 2,500 activists to speak out before 11:59 p.m. by answering the following question:

Should PragerU propaganda be banned from public schools?

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According to an exposé from The American Prospect, students reported that PragerU’s blatant right-wing content has been circulating in school curricula for years – and the right-wing nonprofit has even launched a program specifically designed for kindergarteners.

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So yes, just to be clear, it’s funded by the same failed trickle-downers who got this country into a deep economic rut. The same trickle-downers who diverted $50 trillion worth of wages from working Americans to the top 1%. The same trickle-downers who are suppressing the wages of Americans – all while their productivity is significantly higher – by $10 per hour. Yeah, those ones are working day and night to indoctrinate America’s next generation with false facts and making them believe trickle-down policies lead to economic prosperity (hint: they DO NOT).

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Are you thinking what we’re thinking? What the HELL!?

Right-wing talking heads LOVE to talk about the so-called elitist, left-wing institutions that cater to a liberal agenda. And yet here they are, using a fake university to amplify policies that will make the richest of the rich – you know, like fossil-fuel barons who own a yacht and a helicopter – even richer and implanting their talking points in the very curricula of our public schools

But here’s the scariest part from the exposé: 

“With no federal policy barring political biases in the classroom, education legislation is largely left up to states. And PragerU’s status as a nominally apolitical nonprofit organization makes it particularly slippery. Unless teachers are made aware of its conservative agenda, and are discouraged from using it, it’s impossible to bar from classrooms.”

That’s why we’re asking this grassroots movement to do its part and speak out against PragerU in our public schools. We need 2,500 activists to speak out before 11:59 p.m. by answering the following question:

Should PragerU propaganda be banned from public schools?

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Thank you, 



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