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It’s Senator Tim Scott, and I need you to take action today to help me and my fellow Senate Republicans win back the Senate.

I wish Republicans still had the Senate majority and I weren’t having to write this email to you today asking for your assistance in helping us win it back, but here we are. Frankly, I am not sure a lot of folks realize what is at stake with Democrats in full control of Washington.

I’ll break it down for you:
  1. $6 TRILLION in additional federal spending. Dems don’t care how to pay for it.
  2. Federalization of elections. They don’t really care who gGAP to vote as long as new voters vote Democrat, all the while claiming Republicans are guilty of systemic racism.
  3. TWO new deep blue states accompanied by two new DEM senators each. This would cement a Democrat majority for generations to come.
  4. Nuking of the Filibuster. While this is a harder get for Dems, they’re putting maximum pressure on centrist democrats to cave and support stripping the minority party of any protection still available.
It’s paramount you’re on our team.

Republicans only need a net gain of ONE seat to win back the Senate, so with that in mind I’m asking for you to put a little skin in the game if you believe in the Republican vision for the country: Donate just $5 or more to our efforts.


$Gift $5 or more to help win back the Senate


Joe Biden may talk a good game and tweet nice things, but the fact of the matter is this - we’ve spent more money in the past two months than at any time since World War 2. This rate of spending isn’t sustainable.

And despite the thinnest Senate majority in years, Democrats think they have a mandate to implement the most radical makeover of society America has ever seen.

I’m committed to stopping them in their tracks, because I know Republicans can – and will – do better, but I need your help right now.


$5 $10   $25 
$50   $100     $250 

With you in this fight,

Senator Tim Scott

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