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We hope your weekend is going well! This is just a quick reminder that we currently have two livestreams scheduled for this week, beginning with today's Food Forum at 4pm ET, hosted by our EcoAction Committee.

Details are below 👇. We hope to see you there but, if you can't make it, you can watch the video later, on demand!

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Will you join us this Sunday and Wednesday for two livestreams that speak to two core issues of our shared humanity?

Green Party of the United States EcoAction Committee Presents:

06/06 at 4pm ET – Food Forum

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In anticipation of the 2021 United Nations Food Summit, The Green Party of the United States EcoAction Committee is hosting a nationwide online Food Forum this Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 4:00-5:30 PM ET. The following presentations will be followed by a panel discussion with Q & A.
  • ”Food is Not a Human Right: Issues in Food Democracy” - Lana Chehabeddine, Behavioral Research Lead, Ruminate
  • ”Green Solutions: Black Veganism and the End of Factory Farming“ - Omowale Adewale, Black VegFest
  • “‘Building Wiyot Plaza: Native American Studies Food Sovereignty Lab & Cultural Workshop” - Cody Henrickson, Carrie Tully, Evie Ferreira, HSU Food Sovereignty Lab
  • ”Food Sovereignty: an Immigrant Farm Organizer’s Journey“ - Lupita Vazquez Reyes, Florida Farmworker Organizer and Community Garden Outreach Assistant
  • “Learn How to Live by Your Own Means” - Michelle “Chef Shelli” McInnis, Entrepreneur Chef
  • "Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Peoples' Traditional Knowledge" - Rocio Velendia (INTI: International Native Tradition Interchange)

Green Party of the United States Peace Action Committee (GPAX) Presents:

06/09 at 7pm ET – Biden’s Wars: The First 100 Days

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This webinar will review the state of America’s widespread warfare at the start of the Biden administration. Like Obama, Biden was elected promising an end to the military campaigns initiated by the Bush/Cheney administration but, like Obama, he is sustaining these conflicts while making political gestures aimed at convincing the public that he is pursuing a more peaceful foreign policy. This discussion will cover both the overt armed conflicts in which America remains engaged and the clandestine, economic, and propaganda warfare which remain key components of US policy.

Our candidates, committees and organizers rely on contributions from everyday people just like you to continue this important work. Why? Because the Green Party refuses all contributions from the corporations and their lobbyists. We always have and we always will.

In Solidarity,
The Green Party of the United States

P.S. Ready to take your political organizing to the next level? Join us at the Green Party's Annual National Meeting, this July 15-18. Our 2021 ANM theme is "Dismantling Oppression, Building Solidarity: A Green Party For Everyone" and we're offering a space to learn essential skills for intersectional party-building for the sake of our campaigns, our communities and the planet! Register today and consider making a Solidarity Contribution to assist Greens who are unable to afford the $100 registration fee that covers meeting costs.

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