From Sean Perryman <[email protected]>
Subject I’m in this for Ava.
Date June 6, 2021 2:45 PM
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I believe that every generation has a responsibility to the generation that comes after them. A responsibility to leave behind a better world.

The folks who fought for the New Deal left behind programs like Social Security that we still rely on today. The Civil Rights Movement ended segregation so that people who look like me can have equal rights under the law. LGBTQ activists fought for marriage equality for decades so that today’s gay couples can enjoy their right to get married.

Now it is our turn to fight for the next generation. My daughter Ava is six years old. I worry every day that she will inherit a world where the climate is unlivable, the economy is rigged against working people, and the criminal justice system puts her in danger simply because of the color of her skin.

I’m in this for Ava, and every kid who hopes to thrive and prosper when they grow up. We’ve built a movement of people from across Virginia who are ready to tackle the biggest challenges of our time and create a society we can be proud of. We only have two days left until this campaign is all over.

If you believe in this fight, I need your help. We’re still $4,800 away from meeting our midnight deadline. If everyone reading this right now donated just $3, we would hit our goal and then some. Can I count on you to power our movement? » [link removed]

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This race is about mission, not ambition. I want to leave behind a better life for my daughter and every child in Virginia. If we fight together, I am confident that there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

In solidarity,
Sean Perryman

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