From Nancy Pelosi <[email protected]>
Subject Fox News just revealed:
Date June 4, 2021 7:17 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
I don’t have much time: My entire Democratic Majority is in deep danger >> [link removed]

-- Trump vowed to run for president if Republicans take back the House Majority.
-- Republicans know they only need to flip FIVE seats to win.
-- And Fox News just revealed that Republicans have launched new attack ads to unseat FIVE of my most critical Democrats!

I cannot overstate the importance of what I’m about to ask you: The ONLY thing standing in the way of another Trump Presidency is our ability to HOLD the House and PROTECT our Democrats. So I’m launching an emergency response to beat back Republican lies and DEFEND our Democrats. I’m calling for 75O gifts to fund our efforts and make sure these Republican attacks don’t sway our key voters. Can I count on your $5 to protect our House Majority? >> [link removed]

Suggested Support: $5
[link removed]

I’ll be honest: Our Majority is razor-thin.

A mere handful of votes could cost us the House and launch Trump’s presidential run.

Which is why I need you to step up in this moment more than I ever have before.

Because if I can’t reach our voters and respond to these vicious Republican smear ads, it could be the end of our Democratic House Majority as we know it.

I refuse to let that happen. I will not allow Republicans and their dangerous one-term president to spread atrocious lies, steal our Majority, and buy their way back into power. So I’m asking: Will you rush $5 to protect our House Majority before it’s too late? >> [link removed]

Thank you,

Nancy Pelosi

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