This is BIG news, y'all.

Today President Biden kept his campaign promise: for first time in DECADES, the president's proposed budget does NOT include the Hyde Amendment!

If you need a refresher: the Hyde Amendment is a straight up racist amendment to the federal budget that, since 1976, has punished poor people by blocking access to abortion care through federal funding like Medicaid. Check out our video about Hyde right here to learn more about why it is garbage!

This historic step would not have been possible without the leadership of women of color, who have been organizing in their communities and educating elected leaders on the impact of this policy and why we need it GONE.

We are disappointed that the Weldon Amendment, which allows health care entities to refuse to cover, provide, pay for, or refer someone for an abortion, remains in the president’s budget. We know both Hyde and Weldon work together to deny people abortion coverage and push care out of reach for those working to make ends meet.

Now it’s up to Congress to continue this momentum and pass federal appropriations bills without abortion coverage bans, including the Hyde Amendment. Stay tuned here for how you can mobilize with us to make it happen!

xo Team AAF



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