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‘Project Fear’ Strikes Back
May 28th, 2021
Dear Friends and Supporters

For the past two weeks, with attention focused on the proposed new trade deal with Australia, a level of hysteria has returned to Westminster surrounding the possibility of signing a tariff and quota-free trade deal with Australia, which would open up the UK market to imports of beef and lamb from Australia. Naturally we all want to see the UK farming industry thrive and not face unfair competition, however, many have taken this too far and have set out to try and scare people into abandoning a trade deal with Australia. 

Frankly, we have had enough of these repeated attempts by those within the media and those in Parliament who backed ‘Remain’ to undermine every attempt by this country to move on from the European Union. (Individuals we have heard GB News and its Chairman Andrew Neil will be targeting right from the launch of the channel on Sunday, June 13th, 2021.)

The truth is the UK farming industry needs some competition to encourage innovation and fresh thinking. Decades of protectionism inside the EU with the Common Agricultural Policy handing out subsidies to many of the richest farmers and land owners, this has left our agricultural industry in a rut. Competition may bring some hardship for those unwilling (or perhaps unable, for many reasons) to adapt, but it will bring huge opportunities for those who embrace it. 

However, at the moment many would have the public believe we should not be allowed to have a potentially cheaper trip to the supermarket because it might mean some farmers who have gotten comfortable with the status quo will have to do a bit more or think outside the EU’s box. 

I would remind everyone we already have a tariff and quota free-deal with the EU - and have done for decades – even though standards are much lower in some Member States and cheaper products are available. Yet UK farmers have survived - and in fact they pushed vigorously for an EU trade deal to be continued. So why should a tariff and quota-free deal with the EU - which is right on our borders - be more acceptable than a similar deal with the much smaller market of Australia? 

People should also remember, despite all this focus on meat imports, a trade deal with Australia is about a lot more than extra competition for UK farmers. A trade deal also ends tariffs on Australian wine, the large amount of minerals we import from Australia and it ends tariffs on UK exports going to Australia - including our own food and drink products and goods from the pharmaceutical industry. We must always remember to look at the bigger picture and the opportunities created, instead of getting bogged down with complaints by those with a vested interest in the status quo. 

‘Project Fear’ is again trying to take over the narrative. We must not allow this to happen, or else we will lose control of the direction of Brexit, ending up tied into the backwards EU mentality for decades to come.
Before I go on, as I have said recently, Get Britain Out will try and carry on with our fight to deliver a Real Brexit for the entire United Kingdom for as long as we can. However, donations are unfortunately dropping off, so if you want us to keep going, we do need money. As you can see, Brexit is far from over and there is much more to do to ensure our freedom and Sovereignty. Most campaigns have shut up shop now, so it is more important than ever to keep the campaign going to give you a voice and to keep up the pressure on the Government. If you can afford to donate to allow us to continue our work, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in Westminster it emerged last week that the UK Government will delay changing over certification of building materials from the EU system to the UK’s own system. This is something they say could take years! So my question is this, why on earth wasn’t this process started during the Transition Period – which lasted for 4 years? These changes are exactly the kind of things which were meant to take place during that period, however, evidently the ‘Snivel Servants’ and ‘Remainer’ Government Ministers simply couldn’t be bothered to get started on the process – or more likely hoped the talks would break down. So instead of pushing on with our own regulatory system, we will continue to have EU regulations governing how we conduct everyday industry in this country for at least the next two years.
Over in Northern Ireland, you may remember in our last e-Bulletin we confirmed that Edwin Poots, the former Minister for Agriculture in the Northern Irish Government, has taken over from Arlene Foster as Leader of the DUP. Mr Poots has already taken a very firm stance against the Northern Ireland Protocol, and has called out the EU for using Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement as pawns in their attempts to keep control over the UK. We certainly commend Mr Poots for his approach on this matter, because it is high time the UK took a more aggressive approach to the EU’s continuous attempts to keep a stranglehold over the UK. We must be prepared to walk away from our current deal with the EU, if they are not willing to seriously renegotiate where there are problem areas. Clearly Ursula von der Leyen is digging in her heels, ridiculously and continually lecturing the UK about not being able to get the benefits of being inside the EU now we have left.  I do not hold out hope of any major changes however because the EU are clearly refusing to give way, because they would lose the leverage, they hold over us.
However, I must be clear, this doesn’t mean we are advocating walking away and cutting off all connections with the EU, because it is a fact of life, we need some agreements with Brussels to ensure things like travel and police cooperation continue. Pulling up the drawbridge and acting like we don’t need to talk to the EU about anything would be just as naïve as Remainers claiming we are unable to do anything without the EU setting all our laws and ruling over us.
In many ways we should model our relationship with the EU on that of Switzerland, who just this week walked away from 7-years of trade talks with Brussels because the EU was trying to enforce more of their laws on the Swiss - including total Free Movement of People! However, what makes the Swiss relationship unique is that instead of one large trade deal with the EU, they have over 150 bespoke mini deals on specific sectors. This means things should be far more flexible, while still avoiding the Swiss being bound to EU regulations. However, as expected, the EU is furious and they are making all kinds of threats about the current deals being out of date. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Surely, the EU cannot expect to control major economies like Switzerland as well as the UK when their attempts at blackmail are rejected!
This is a strategy for talks we at Get Britain Out urged the Government to take for the past 4 years, yet the disastrous tenure of Theresa May as PM has meant the EU held the upper hand in talks, believing we would never walk away. Well now Boris Johnson has the power and the support of the country, it is time for a serious rethink, because the current situation where this country is divided and still partly under the control of the EU simply cannot continue.


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That’s all for now and I hope you enjoy a lovely Bank Holiday weekend now that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better – fingers crossed.

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director - and the Team at Get Britain Out.
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Jayne and the Team
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