Dear John,

Did you see our last email?

Hundreds of people have already sent a letter to their local newspaper, defending our democratic freedoms.

The voting ID scheme will cost £40 million over the next decade, and will potentially discourage millions from voting. We need more engagement, scrutiny and fairness in our politics, not more barriers.


It’s quick and easy to take part – simply copy the template letter at the bottom of this email, and paste it into an email to your local newspaper. The email address you need should be on your local newspaper’s website.


Let us know when you’ve sent in your letter to the editor.



Writing a letter to your local paper is a great way to make your community aware of important issues. And many MPs still rely on their local press to get a sense of their constituents’ views.


The Government is trying to make it harder for you to hold them to account: making it harder to vote, harder for progressive parties to win elections, and harder for the law to check their powers.


It’s up to us to stop them.

Best wishes,

Naomi Smith,
CEO, Best for Britain


PS. Please find the template letter at the bottom of this email. If you would like to support Best for Britain's future campaigning, please consider becoming a regular supporter.


To the editor,


Voter ID is not about protecting our democracy. It’s about limiting our democratic freedom. It might stop a dozen complaints of fraud, but could disenfranchise or disincentivise millions.  Best for Britain has pointed to data which shows, as of 2015, 3.5 million citizens, or 7.5 per cent of the electorate, did not have access to any photo ID. 


The Government also plans to dismantle the Electoral Commission watchdog and defang Judicial Review, which overturned the Prime Minister’s unlawful prorogation of Parliament in 2019. Mayoral elections in England will be returned to First Past the Post – the only countries in Europe which still use this antiquated system for national legislatures are the UK and Belarus.

If you take all these measures together, as a coordinated and insidious attack on the fabric of the United Kingdom’s democracy, clearly the Government wants to avoid accountability, in parliament, in court and at the ballot box. It is obvious progressive parties should work together to stop these measures, not just so they have a hope of enacting their own agendas, but to protect our democracy.


It’s about time we made our voting system fair so that election results actually reflect the will of the people and every vote is counted. I think it’s about time we worked seriously to restore trust in our political system. And until we have a fairer voting system, progressive parties must unite to resist the unchecked concentration of power in the hands of those at the top.


Yours sincerely,


[Your name]



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