Real Justice


Shaun recorded a personal video message for all the volunteers, supporters, and donors who made Larry’s win last week possible. We wanted to make sure you had a chance to see it!

Check it out below, and then we’re going to ask you to help us out once more. Because the truth is, our fundraising is way behind where we want it to be right now — about $20,189 to be precise.

We poured EVERYTHING into Larry Krasner’s race. For about three weeks straight, we drove volunteers and donations almost exclusively to his campaign. And we have a LOT of other big elections coming up that we need to prepare for.

Take a minute to watch Shaun’s message here. And then please rush a $3 donation to kick off our month-end fundraising push. We need to raise $20,189 in the next 8 days.

Thanks for all that you do, John. Larry’s win wouldn’t have been possible without you. Our next three DA races are going to need that same level of commitment too.

— The Real Justice Team