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Subject unpatriotic traitors
Date May 20, 2021 9:25 PM
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John — Republicans are
being completely open about why they don't want a January 6th
commission: MSNBC: Despite Dem compromises, GOP's McCarthy
rejects Jan. 6 commission
Politico: McConnell turns Senate Republicans against Jan. 6
Washington Post: Republicans offer a vile new excuse for opposing
a Jan. 6 commission
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They've gone full fascist.

Our Revolution is working to beat the fascists by building a
sustainable left-wing movement on the ground and in the halls of
power. John, chip in
$27 to support our work.
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The House GOP once again reaffirmed their
allegiance to fascist propaganda by voting en-masse against a
commission looking into the insurrection that Donald Trump led on
January 6th.

By voting against a commission, they are making it clear that
they see nothing wrong with a violent coup to overthrow
democracy. They will tell any lie to stay in the good graces of
their authoritarian cult leader (Donald Trump).

If they are willing to defend a violent insurrection based on
known lies, there is no limit to what they will be willing to do
if they regain power.

The GOP isn’t even hiding their fascist tendencies, and it
could be the end of democracy as we know it if we ever let them
regain power. Can we count on you to pitch in now to fight the
GOP’s rising fascism?
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