Louis DeJoy is moving ahead with dangerous changes


Washington Post DeJoy Charges Ahead with USPS Cost-Cutting

Hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail -- from paychecks to prescriptions -- haven’t arrived on time. In fact, some Americans have taken hits to their credit scores due to late fees incurred on bills that have been delayed in the mail.

John, Postmaster General and Donald Trump mega-donor Louis DeJoy is moving ahead with extreme cost-cutting policy changes at the Postal Service that could further erode mail services.

I’m working with my colleagues in the Senate to confirm President Biden’s nominees for the USPS Board of Governors who can restore leadership and services at the Postal Service, and I want to hear your thoughts.

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DeJoy’s policy changes threaten layoffs and early retirements for career postal workers. For others, the consolidation of mail-processing facilities could force workers to choose between moving hundreds of miles away in order to keep their jobs or leaving the USPS altogether.

And DeJoy is threatening to hike up prices, despite the fact that mail services are still in decline.

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