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A Message from Tom
Hi John,

Residents of the Bow River riding, who for decades have quietly supported a conservative government, need leadership that is boldly committed to a set of values that made this country great. They want action to champion fairness, hard work, care for those who need it, and an optimism that together we can make a better world.

As a proud family man, entrepreneur, carpenter, and livestock farmer, I am well aligned with the average Bow River voter. Having lived in both urban and rural locations, I understands the unique needs and challenges of each and will proudly and boldly represent both in Ottawa.

I can’t do it without help from supporters like yourself, John.

Political campaigns are expensive, and Bow River is a very large and widespread Electoral District. We're in need of donations to help cover the cost of events, lawn signs, advertisements, and a variety of other materials to help us spread the PPC message and restore our country to the set of values that made it great; Personal responsibility, respect, fairness, and individual freedom.

Upcoming Events

Check the website or my Facebook page regularly for updates on future events.

Please consider donating to my campaign today. Online donation is now available via my website.


Tom Ikert
Candidate - Bow River
People's Party of Canada

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