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Subject Help Our Young Activists TODAY!
Date October 6, 2019 4:44 PM
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Dear friends and supporters,
This month has seen an incredible start to our rebranded movement (previously Generation Identity). We've not only been featured on the BBC1's Countryfile and had an article on us in the Independent, but launched the Identitarian Foundation and held a successful seminar day in Birmingham. And besides all this, our Telegram channel subscriptions have significantly increased and we've had a record number of new activist applications. It really has been an amazing start, but...
As many of you will be aware, for the last few months we've not been able to process your online donations due to being banned from payment processors for 'political wrongthink'. So many of you have wanted to fund our young activists but have been denied a way to do this. However, we are pleased to announce that you can now donate using the button below.
Please note that you will have to act fast as this donation option is for a limited time only and may well be terminated soon.

Your support is truly appreciated.
Thank you,

Benjamin Jones
Leader of the Identitarian Movement GB & IRE  
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Seminar Day in Birmingham

Last weekend saw Identitarian Movement activists and Identitarian Foundation members meet in the Midlands for a day of seminars and workshops presented by Ben Jones, Charlie Shaw, Mark Foggett and David Wright. Stay tuned for the videos coming soon!  

Ben Jones chats with Dangerfield
  This week, Ben Jones, Leader of the Identitarian Movement GB was interviewed by YouTuber Chris Dangerfield. They had an excellent conversation, exploring the movement's principles and goals.  
  [ WATCH HERE ]( [link removed] )  

How Remigration Can Enter the Public Debate: a Case Study

A Swedish Identitarian Foundation member gives an example from his native country of how the often-misunderstood issue of remigration can enter the public debate.  
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