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Subject No, it's not "BULLSHIT"
Date October 6, 2019 3:10 PM
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A new message from your friends at People For the American Way.


PFAW Member -- Our Defenders of Democracy recruitment deadline is
tonight, just hours away, and we're still only halfway to our goal.

We need another 75 new Defenders of Democracy to respond before midnight
to protect the impeachment investigation, hold Trump and his cronies
accountable, and defeat Trump Republicans up and down the ballot.

[ [link removed] ]You've already shown deep commitment to standing up for democracy and
the American Way. Can you take the next step and become a Defender of
Democracy by chipping in $5 or any amount monthly through the 2020

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PFAW Member,

Trump is facing the biggest challenge of his presidency with an
impeachment inquiry that grows more popular by the day.

And his response? To go absolutely nuclear with his attacks against
critics, our democratic institutions, and our constitutional mechanisms of
accountability and checks and balances…

It’s his campaign playbook on steroids:

* Trump’s accusing congressional leaders of the impeachment inquiry like
Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff of TREASON with no basis
(accusing their critics of what they themselves are guilty of has been
a staple of Trump Republicans’ political strategy)…

* Trump is calling efforts to enforce the law and hold him accountable
for apparent egregious corruption “BULLSHIT” and, worse, a “COUP,”
claiming they are an attack on the country itself (authoritarian
rulers equate themselves with the state) and threatening that an
impeachment fight could even lead to “Civil War”…

* Trump is telling his supporters that efforts to uphold the rule of law
and get to the bottom of his and his administration’s wrongdoing are
an attack on them personally and their “rights” – including “their
VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military…”

* And his surrogates are swarming the airwaves to attack progressives
and Democrats with ugly, outrageous lies – former Trump campaign
manager Corey Lewandowski told a Fox News host this week that
Democratic presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders
“want to have illegal aliens come across this border and kill

As you know, this is all INCREDIBLY dangerous. Now couple the incendiary
rhetoric with the fact that the Trump campaign and the Republican National
Committee just reported raising a staggering $125 million in the third

Democracy never needed defending more than it does right now, at this very

That’s why we set the ambitious goal of 150 new monthly sustaining members
-- our Defenders of Democracy -- by the end of the week and why I’m
pleading with you and other PFAW members around the country to take the
next step now as part of the fight for a progressive future:

[ [link removed] ]Will you become a Defender of Democracy with a recurring monthly
donation to fund PFAW’s vital work all the way through Election Day 2020?

[ [link removed] ]Yes, I will give $10, $20, $50, or any amount monthly to Defend
Democracy and restore the American Way>>

If a few bucks a month won’t break your budget, please know that it can do
a TREMENDOUS amount of good in the fight to save our democracy.

Our Defenders of Democracy are our best, most reliable supporters and
build the ongoing financial base that sustains our work all year round –
because Trump, his loyal allies, and the Radical Right are aggressively
trying to lay waste to the American Way 365 days a year (so we need to be
able to fight back 365 days a year).

Even a small amount each month will add up over the year and will be vital

* Protect the impeachment inquiry and expose the Trump administration
for the corrupt, lawless enterprise that it is to the whole country –
engaged progressives already know the truth, but there are a lot of
voters we can still get.

* WIN next month’s elections in Virginia to ensure that it’s
progressives who have the momentum heading into 2020.

* And, then, hold Trump Republicans accountable up and the down the
ballot in 2020 – together, we will:

* TAKE BACK the White House;

* END Mitch McConnell’s Senate Majority;

* HOLD the House;

* FLIP Republican-held state legislatures;

* And elect a DEEP BENCH of winning progressive champions at every
level of government…

Are you in?

[ [link removed] ]Then sign up for your membership in our Defenders of Democracy program
with your first monthly donation right now>>

Thank you for everything you do!

-- Kristen Smith, Membership Director


[ [link removed] ]BEGIN YOUR MONTHLY PLEDGE →


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