From PPC Van Quadra EDA <[email protected]>
Subject Help Get Sandra in the Candidates Debate
Date October 6, 2019 3:04 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Help Get Sandra in the next Candidates Debate

No Invite to DRA Candidates Debate

Maxime Bernier wasn't originally invited to the national leaders debates, but due to pressure from PPC supporters, the organizers relented and allowed him to participate. Likewise, Sandra hasn't been invited to the Dunbar Residents Association Candidates debate on Oct 7. And even though we're left messages asking to participate, we've not received a reply. Please contact them ( [link removed] ) to let them know you think it's only fair that all the all the registered candidates be allowed to participate.

Calculate Your Tax Savings

The PPC plank on taxation and balancing the budget ( [link removed] ) has been released, and we've set up a page to help you estimate how much you'd save on your income tax ( [link removed] ) under this plan. To save even more on your taxes, donate to us ( [link removed] ) and you'll receive a 75% tax credit on the first $400.

Vancouver Granville Town Hall

The Oct 10 all candidates meeting will be the biggest one in Vancouver-Granville. The PPC candidate there, Naomi Chocyk ( [link removed] ), could use your support. See here ( [link removed] ) for details.

Canvassing Volunteers Needed

The only way a new party like the PPC will gain traction is if we speak to voters directly, and dispel the misinformation the media is spreading. We need your help. Please contact [email protected] ( mailto:[email protected] ) and we'll put you on a canvassing team.

**Let's do politics differently!**

The PPC Vancouver Quadra Team

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