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Date May 6, 2021 7:49 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.

The Texas Legislature still has a lot to do before wrapping up this session, and it's moving fast! With less than 25 days to go, the House Chamber’s wide breadth of personalities are without a doubt on full display. As we navigate this process, I can assure you my office is working diligently for public education, private property rights, public safety and much more.

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or just need help. In the words of a wise old man, “work hard, keep your head down, your tail up, and keep looking forward!” Thus is the job for House District 18 and the Great State of Texas!

Safe Travels,

Protecting Property Rights (HB 448 ([link removed]) )
Property owners deserve the opportunity to file a complaint against an entity proposing to acquire their property under eminent domain. This process will provide a resource to constituents as well as an understanding of good and bad actors for future policy-making.
Property Tax Reform (HB 1090 ([link removed]) )
When taxes are incorrectly omitted from an appraisal roll, back taxes can be charged, placing a major financial burden on tax payers. HB 1090 allows back tax assessments to only go back three years instead of the currently allowed five.
Prevention of Financial Abuse for Elderly Adults (HB 1745 ([link removed]) )
Senior adults are especially vulnerable to lapsing or surrendering a life insurance policy they otherwise may have been able to sell for more than the cash surrender value of that policy. This legislation requires that insurers advise a policy holder to consult with a financial professional before making changes to their policy.
Protection of Mineral Rights (HB 2881 ([link removed]) , HB 2882 ([link removed]) , HB 2883 ([link removed]) , HB 2884 ([link removed]) )
These measures address and extend the rights of non-participating royal interest owners and royalty owners of mineral wells.
Establishment of Ranch Truck License Plates (HB 3078 ([link removed]) )
Currently, agriculture operations have the option to utilize a farm license plate, but no option to designate a vehicle with ranch plates. This legislation creates the option to acquire a ranch plate.
Transparency for Charter Schools (HB 1746 ([link removed]) )
This bill would require disclosure of how many millions of tax-payer funds and jobs are leaving Texas for out-of-state charter chain managers. Requires charter schools to use Texas banks as depositories and prohibits charter schools from awarding a contract to a nonresident bidder unless the nonresident bidder underbids a resident bidder (same law as for school districts).
Support for Fast-Growth School Districts (HB 2113 ([link removed]) )
Cleveland ISD is growing at an exponential rate. Establishing a hypersonic growth allotment for school districts with an annual student enrollment growth of 15% and an increase of at least 500 students from one year to the next will help supplement the funding needed for basic infrastructure.
Align CTE Programs with Texas Workforce (HB 1100 ([link removed]) )
As its written, this bill transfers power to approve these IBC's to the State Board of Education. Currently, TEA approves these & some say their determinations are out of touch.
Charter School Expansion Oversight (HB 1748 ([link removed]) )
This measure states that in order to receive an expansion waiver, at least 90% of all campuses must have an A, B, or C rating. Further, the Commissioner may not waive these requirements.
Online Posting of Public Notices (HB 2500 ([link removed]) )
The bill would allow for a government agency to publish required notices on a publicly accessible, third-party website if this cost is lower than publishing in a print newspaper, saving valuable taxpayer money, specifically for local governments.
Exempt Hospitals from Diesel Fuel Tax (HB 4246 ([link removed]) )
Over the course of both the pandemic and the Texas winter storm, hospitals were absolutely essential services for Texans. This bill allows for hospitals to acquire tax-exempt diesel fuel for emergency generators.
Other Notable Bill Joint-Author & Co-Authored by Representative Bailes:

Property Tax Reform (HB 1705 ([link removed]) /HJR 84 ([link removed]) )
These measures ensure all property taxes are frozen for the elderly and disabled population. Lifelong Texans deserve to retire in Texas.
Extend Rural Broadband (HB 5 ([link removed]) )
HB 5 creates the Broadband Development Office within the Comptroller of Public Accounts, which will prepare the state broadband plan and produce an accurate and up-to-date broadband development map.
Frivolous Lawsuit Reform (HB 19 ([link removed]) )
Excessive commercial motor vehicle litigation has been a concern of businesses of all sizes, employees, and drivers across Texas. HB 19 seeks to modify state law to streamline and create a fair framework for this litigation.
Small Business Recovery (HB 570 ([link removed]) )
570 seeks to stimulate private investment in small businesses by establishing a targeted investment program that provides certain tax incentives for investments in small business recovery funds.
Equal Parenting Act (HB 803 ([link removed]) )
HB 803 requires that courts provide for equal possession of a child each year between two parents unless it is not in the best interest of the child.
Equality in Sports (HB 1458 ([link removed]) )
Ensures UIL sanctioned sports are separated based upon biological sex in order to give all a fair shot at athletic success.
Second Amendment Rights (HB 1500 ([link removed]) , HB 1927 ([link removed]) )
A series of legislation to further protect our second amendment rights.
Electric Grid Investments (HB 1510 ([link removed]) , HB 1607 ([link removed]) )
After Texas' winter storm, action from the legislature was needed to ensure a catastrophic electrical grid outage never happens again.
Digital Hunting Tags (HB 3081 ([link removed]) )
Several states currently allow wildlife departments to electronically tag game animals. This updated system would allow for this modernized process in Texas.
Support for Retired Teachers (HB 3507 ([link removed]) )
HB 3507 bolsters the Teacher Retirement System of Texas by providing a supplemental one time payment.

See a full list of bills authored/joint-authored/co-authored by Rep. Bailes here ([link removed]) .
Rep. Bailes lays out a bill in the Committee on Land and Resource Management.
2021-2022 Texas Armed Services Scholarship

The 81st Texas Legislature created the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program (TASSP) to encourage students to participate in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs at Texas institutions of higher education. The program also encourages students to become members of the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas Air Force National Guard, or commissioned officers in any branch of the armed services of the United States.

Each year, the governor and the lieutenant governor may each appoint two students, and each state senator and state representative may appoint one student to receive a TASSP scholarship. Students must meet specific requirements to be eligible for nomination and to receive a scholarship.

Nominations for the TASSP are open for the 2021-2022 academic year (fall 2021/spring 2022) and will close by Aug. 31, 2021. The scholarship amount for the 2021-2022 academic year is estimated at a maximum of $10,000, but is subject to change based on available funding and will vary by student.

Eligibility for nomination (meet two of the following four criteria):
* Be on track to graduate high school in a Distinguished Achievement Program or International Baccalaureate program
* Maintain a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
* Be ranked in the top third of high school graduating class
* Achieve an SAT score of 1070 or ACT score of 23

Once you've determined your eligibility, (and you are a constituent of House District 18), please send your resume and a cover letter to our office here ([link removed]) . You may find more information about the TASSP scholarship program here ([link removed]) .
The Alpha Omega Academy visits Rep. Bailes at the State Capitol on House Budget Day.
In the News
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Rep. Bailes files HB 1090 to alleviate property tax burden Rep. Bailes presents HB 1745 to Insurance Committee to protect elderly Texans' life insurance ([link removed])

Rep. Bailes files legislation promoting transparency in charter school operations ([link removed])

Rep. Bailes files House bills to support career and technical education ([link removed])

Rep. Bailes files HB 2113 increasing funding for schools experiencing 'Hypersonic Growth' ([link removed])

Rep. Bailes pushing bill to protect life insurance policies for elderly Texans ([link removed])

Rep. Ernest Bailes pre files private property rights legislation ([link removed])

Rep. Ernest Bailes sworn into 87th Session ([link removed]) ([link removed])
Rep. Bailes with the HD18 District and Capitol Staff at the Texas State Capitol!
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