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Subject The potential future we’re about to describe isn’t hard to envision
Date May 6, 2021 12:08 AM
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Spring is here, the weather is getting warm, Americans are
getting vaccinated, and a sense of normalcy is setting in — but
this is all a mirage. Below the surface, the future of the United
States has never been in more danger.

John, this is a long but important email about our fight to end
the filibuster. It’s a reality check, a call to action, and a
warning of what might happen if we lose this fight.

If you don’t have time to read it all, here’s a summary: we
urgently need your financial help to increase our pressure on the
handful of Democrats who are protecting the filibuster and
queuing up a Republican landslide next year.
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The potential future we’re about to describe isn’t hard to
envision: if Democrats fail to eliminate the Senate filibuster
and fail to pass the For the People Act, the GOP will likely win
a majority in the U.S. House next year.

If this happens — even if Democrats managed to defend the
current 50/50 U.S. Senate split — virtually all progress
throughout Joe Biden’s final two years as president would cease.

After two more years of inaction from the federal government
against obscene wealth inequality and a worsening climate crisis,
the likelihood of Republicans winning the presidency in 2024
would be high. You can imagine what would happen next.

The good news is this: Democrats currently have the power to
prevent this future by passing a wave of legislation to protect
our democracy and secure economic rights for working people.

House Democrats have already used their majority to pass
legislation to expand voting rights and union rights, raise the
minimum wage, make Washington, D.C. a state, prevent gun
violence, and much more.

But here’s the bad news: more than 100 days into Joe Biden’s
presidency, Senate Democrats have failed to pass any of this
legislation because of one reason: the filibuster.

John, every Democratic Senator who chooses to protect the
filibuster instead of passing legislation is choosing to hand the
United States over to the Republican Party. Our Revolution is
devoting our resources toward pressuring these Senators into
changing their minds, but we’re running out of time — we need
your help to expand this pressure campaign before it’s too late.

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Here’s a reality check: American democracy barely survived four
years of President Trump, and his Republican successor would be

As the climate crisis spirals into a global refugee crisis,
they’d put a more palatable face on Trump’s dystopian policies
while accelerating the GOP’s current crusade against voting
rights, labor rights, and basic human rights in a way that would
become increasingly difficult to reverse.

Despite Trump’s historic unpopularity, Democrats nearly lost
their House majority last year and were barely able to achieve a
50/50 Senate split. With multiple House Democrats in swing
districts retiring and redistricting set to stack the odds
against Democrats for years to come, our window of opportunity is

As Nina Turner said during our recent Ohio organizing meeting,
Our Revolution is “part of the movement that is pushing the
current administration to the left. And the policies we are
pushing for are not only popular, they are necessary.”

Our work reforming the Democratic Party from within is working
slowly but steadily. Every year, more progressives are elected
locally and nationally, and progressive issues become more and
more popular. We are even pushing state Democratic parties to
pass resolutions in support of ending the filibuster. President
Biden has adopted many of our issues and ideas — now we need
those ideas to become law.

If Democrats run campaigns on progressive ideas then pass
progressive legislation when in power, defeating the GOP in
future elections will become easier and easier. If Democrats fail
to do this, Republicans will likely return to power next year and
in 2024.

John, our movement’s multiracial, multigenerational coalition of
working class people must devote all of our energy toward ending
the filibuster because it’s the only thing standing in the way of
our futures.

Next week, Our Revolution will host a town hall with Senators
Jeff Merkley and Amy Klobuchar to discuss our plan to end the
filibuster. We’re entering the next phase in our national
pressure campaign, and we need your help to fund this work. Will
you donate now to help us end the filibuster?
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your donation to Our Revolution will process immediately.

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As you may know, we already have organizers on the ground in
states like West Virginia and Arizona to pressure holdouts like
Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who recently vowed that she “won’t bend
to pressure from either party.”

It’s on us to prove her wrong. In the weeks ahead we need to
hire more organizers and devote more of our resources toward our
campaign to end the filibuster.

If you can’t donate today, please RSVP for next week’s call with
Senators Merkley and Klobuchar to get involved in this critically
important work.


In solidarity,

Our Revolution


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