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Subject You have been assigned to Blair County: 80,269 registered voters
Date May 4, 2021 5:27 PM
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[ [link removed] ]John Fetterman

Hi, John. I'm Celeste, Team
Fetterman's Political Director. And I wanted to give you a peek behind the
curtain of our strategy to win this race and flip this seat.

As more Republicans enter the race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, we
need to go on offense. This is the most important battleground state for
control of the Senate, and we need to make sure it flips.

Can you give me just a second to explain the plan? It’s important that
everyone on the team understands.

Thanks. So we’re gearing up to launch a massive voter outreach effort
across all 67 counties, but there’s no way we can do it without a ton of
help, John.

That's why we just announced our 67 County Mobilization Plan.

John’s motto at the start of the campaign was “Every County. Every Vote.”
No one written off as too red, too blue, or too anything. We’re going to
fight for every single vote. To actually be able to talk to everyone,
we’re going to need to get organizers and volunteers in every county.
We’re going to need to run advertising in every county. And, yes, John is
going to need to visit these places too.

This is where you come in, John.
We need some help to launch our 67 County Mobilization Plan. We’ve
budgeted out roughly how much we’ll start to spend on outreach in each
county based on the number of voters registered. Here’s what we could use
from you:

We’ve randomly selected you as a potential sponsor of Blair
County in PA. We’ve got about 80,269 registered voters there.
At a cost of roughly $0.50 per voter, we’ll need to raise about
$40,135 to cover our budget and reach every voter in
Blair County.

Are you able to help John win in Blair County?

⇢ [ [link removed] ]Yes, I can sponsor Blair County by donating
$25 to reach
50 voters there.

[ [link removed] ]Contribute $25

The truth is, we aren’t going to win this race without convincing a whole
lot of new folks there to turn out and vote for John instead of whatever
Trump Republican gets nominated. Here’s how we do it: 

* Organizing: Hire more organizers and mobilize more volunteers than any
other candidate in the race.

* Targeted advertising: Reach people who don’t usually hear from
candidates in all 67 counties with targeted ads telling our story and
asking for their votes.

* Showing up: Getting John out to meet with voters (once it’s safe to do
so) in all 67 counties.

[ [link removed] ]If you can, please chip in
$25 toward our
Mobilization Plan fund to reach
50 voters in
Blair County now. We can’t execute this plan without your help.

We’ll report back in the coming days on the 67 County Mobilization Plan.
But for now, thank you for reading. We’re really excited to get this
launched, and we hope to see you when we visit your county!

Thank you. 🙏


Celeste Trusty
Political Director
John Fetterman for U.S. Senate


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