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Subject May 2021 Green Star
Date May 1, 2021 11:43 PM
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May 2021

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Green Party Embraces Workers’ Rights on May Day <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>  by GPPA Co-chair Beth Scroggin

Happy May Day! Celebrated in various ways throughout hundreds of years, May Day joyfully welcomes the change of season. My inner child looks forward to the May Day celebration at my daughter’s Waldorf School, which includes maypole dancing and a wooden boat race. My activist side, however, observes the significance and necessity of the coinciding International Workers’ Day. . . .

Now more than ever, workers must organize and fight for their rights. As a public school teacher, I have been a proud union member for the last 14 years. I am confident that I am part of an organization which works tirelessly to ensure that I am paid fairly and that my working hours and expectations are explicitly defined. Never have I been more grateful for my union, the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), than this past year. PSEA fought to ensure that teachers were paid during quarantine and that teachers received COVID vaccines as quickly as possible. The president of my own local union spoke with me over the phone for nearly an hour this past summer while I expressed my fears about the upcoming school year and contemplated my options. I imagined her having similar conversations with each of the other members and marveled at the ability of union leaders to take on the concerns of all workers and represent them in conversations with leadership. As one of my union representatives once said, “Sometimes people look at what union members have in terms of compensation, health care, and defined working hours and feel resentment toward us, when in fact, everyone deserves what we have.”

The Green Party has always stood for workers’ rights. We have supported strikes across the country throughout the years, as well as Fight for $15 protests. Green Party 2016 Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka has worked with the Green Party Power Project and has advocated for “reclaiming May Day as a day of resistance.” Most recently, the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) attended a rally in support of Amazon workers attempting to unionize. In a speech addressing the rally attendees, GPOP City Committee member (and GPUS Treasurer) Hillary Kane pointed out that the Green Party’s own staff is unionized, and that by refusing to take corporate funding, our candidates will never be beholden to union-busting corporations. Working people need a political party who will fight for them and their rights, and whose elected candidates will serve them, and not corporate overlords. The Green Party will always choose people over profit.

(show all) <[link removed]>

GPPA News Highlights

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Allegheny County Must Pass Paid Sick Leave, Address Air Quality Issues <[link removed]> Testimony by Jay Walker

<[link removed]>My name is Jay Ting Walker, and I’m the vice chair of the Green Party of Allegheny County. I want to lend my voice of support for the paid sick days legislation that’s being considered by this council. During a global pandemic sick workers feeling like they’re stuck choosing between potentially infecting others with COVID or paying their bills is completely unacceptable. . . . I’m also here to speak on another important health issue. As all of you are aware, our county has some of the worst air quality in the entire country -- the entire country. . . . Just like with today’s sick leave ordinance, Allegheny County Council will soon be in position to pass more laws to better protect the health of our residents. Please support stronger air regulations so that our residents don’t continue to get sick and die for the continued profits of wealthy executives. . . . (show all) <[link removed]>

GPPA Has Electoral Candidates in 6 Counties <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, is proud to announce that it now has candidates now running for office in six PA Counties. Of course, the Green Party is still assembling prospective candidates for local office: school board, judge of elections, town auditor, etc. GPPA Co-chair Beth Scroggin (Chester County) explained, “If you embrace the Green Party's values and have ever thought about running for office, this is your year! There is a wide variety of local positions available, and you can make decisions that will directly impact the lives of those in your community." PA has 2,562 municipalities (cities, townships and boroughs) which will all elect local officials this year. The Green Party already has additional candidates in Lackawanna, Luzerne, McKean, Montgomery, and Wyoming Counties, and it is planning to recruit more. GPPA electoral campaigns are supported by its Green Wave Team ([link removed]), a group of activists who are ready to share their expertise with inexperienced candidates. . . . (show all) <[link removed]>

Green Party Stands with #BAmazon Workers <[link removed]> by Hillary Kane

<[link removed]>The Green Party is an eco-socialist party. For us, that means supporting things such as unions, worker-ownership, co-operatives, and other forms of economic democracy. We practice what we preach -- our own national party staff is unionized, and we are the only ballot-qualified party that refuses to take corporate money. . . . As an environmental party, we are also one of the few voices who don’t believe in constant, unchecked economic growth. Development without redistribution will not lift all boats. And yet, only two short years ago, when Amazon promised jobs and development through it’s HQ2 competitions, our city led by a Democratic mayor and Democratic city council, happily bid to make Philadelphia the next home for Amazon. A bid that included tax breaks, free public infrastructure, and other corporate welfare simply to woo this company into our midst. This is why political independence matters. And the Green Party takes that seriously. We are one of the only political parties, and I think the only ballot-qualified party, that constantly and consistently challenges the two-party system at all levels of government from city hall to the state house to the White House. . . . (show all) <[link removed]>

PA Completes Election Audit Required by Jill Stein Settlement <[link removed]> by Emily Cook

Outgoing PA Secretary of State Kathy Bookvar announced on February 5, that the pilot audit of last year’s presidential election had been successfully completed. Bookvar did not acknowledge that the audit had been required by the settlement in U.S. Court with the Green Party’s candidate for president in 2016. . . . “At best, this pilot provided evidence that [President Joe] Biden got more votes than [Donald] Trump in total in the counties that participated in the pilot,” said Philip Stark, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley who invented risk-limiting audits. Stark told SpotlightPA, “That’s different from showing that any equipment worked properly, that the count was accurate, or that Biden won [Pennsylvania].” 2016 Presidential Green Party candidate Jill Stein and the Green Party can be credited with spotlighting Pennsylvania’s shortcomings in voting machine functions, underscoring the need for true paper ballots due to the unverifiability of the vote. . . . (show all) <[link removed]>

Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) Elects Leaders

Meeting virtually on March 23, the members of GPOP elected their City Committee (think “steering committee”). Re-elected for one-year terms were six incumbents: Chair Belinda Davis, Recording Secretary Tre Schumacher, Treasurer Hillary Kane, Membership Secretary Charles Sherrouse, and two at-large members, Justin Bell and Galen Tyler. The membership elected one new leader this year, Member at Large Tajh Jenkins.

Campaign Updates

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Marlene Sebastianelli for PA Senate District 22

Marlene told GREEN STAR, “I am proud to have received the endorsement of the notorious outlaw novelist Steve Corbett. Here is what Steve said, ‘Longshots make the best winners. If Marlene Sebastianelli emerges after the May 18 special election as the new PA Senator for District 22, voters can finally expect a legitimate champion of the people. . . . Sebastianelli offers voters and taxpayers hands-on independent leadership experience. . . . Sebastianelli distances herself so far from establishment political machines, she isn’t even a Democrat. Running as a Green Party candidate, she offers voters of all political persuasions a realistic change that translates into real power for all people rather than the usual old boy power for elite politicians and their connected cronies.’” Follow Marlene’s campaign on Facebook, [link removed]. Volunteers may sign up on Marlene’s website, For more information visit her website [link removed]


Jay Sweeney for Auditor, Falls Township, Wyoming County

Jay told GREEN STAR, “I will be seeking a third term for Falls Township Auditor because I realize that the lowest of offices can still have an impact. As auditor, we have denied a township supervisor, who served as road-master, from getting a $3 an hour salary increase to pay for his choice of healthcare, rather than the plan provided by the Township. We have also worked to increase transparency by requesting a web page for Township meeting notes. Actually, I think this is an issue that the Green Party should consider. The PA Sunshine Law needs to be amended. No longer is it sufficient to post notifications in the local newspaper. We need a 21st Century Sunshine Law recognizing electronic communications.”

Connor Mulvaney for Pittsburgh City Council District 4

Connor told GREEN STAR, “My campaign is focused on expanding public transit, ensuring equitable access to basic needs and services, and advocating a Pittsburgh Green New Deal initiative. My campaign has earned local media attention since first being announced, including an article by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a community candidate forum, and a Q&A with Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. Additionally, I have earned key endorsements from No Cop Money PA and the Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists of America. The campaign is planning another event to grow volunteer support after the May 18 Primary and will be engaged in signature gathering this spring and summer to obtain ballot access for the General Election in November.” For more information visit his website [link removed]

Bill Pilkonis for Judge of Elections, Scranton, Lackawanna County.

Karin Albert for Inspector of Elections, Exeter Borough Ward 2, Luzerne County.

Barbara Laxon for Inspector of Elections, McKean County.

Team Updates

Finance Team by Tre Schumacher.

The Finance Team manages GPPA’s budget and merchandise and communicates with the Steering Committee and particularly the Treasurer to provide financial information and advice and facilitate compliance with the FEC. Our 2021 goals include fundraisers for the GPPA, maintaining monthly sustainers, encouraging our locals to obtain one new sustaining donor each month, and supporting one targeted-issue fundraiser. HERE <[link removed]>.

Communications Team by Chris Robinson

Do you approve of the way our Green Party communicates with you? No! Well then, you might consider joining the Communication Team to help us do a better job. If you would like to join our team, please sign up HERE. <[link removed]>.

Global Green News <[link removed]>

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London GP Mayoral Candidate wants “No Murders in London in 10 Years” <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>Sian Berry, the Green Party candidate for mayor of London, has promised to eradicate all murders in the city within a decade if she is elected. “Everyone affected by murder and violent crime deserves justice, but it would be far better to have prevented the violence in the first place,” said Berry. In 2020, there were 127 killings in the capital, despite the coronavirus pandemic. The number of killings in London has exceeded 100 for a sixth consecutive year. (show all) <[link removed]>

German Greens Release their Climate Manifesto ahead of Election <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>

Ahead of September’s national election, the Green Party of Germany presented, on March 19, 2021, the draft of their election manifesto. The program proposes more action towards climate protection such as a faster exit from coal, raising carbon prices and more investment for infrastructure. Previously, the party only participated in a coalition government from 1998 to 2005. (show all) <[link removed]>

Ecological Party of Uganda Campaigns for 2021 Election <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>As election time approaches in the small, central-African nation of Uganda, civil unrest and displeasure with the status quo has created uncertainty as to who will be the one to take office in 2021. Like many other political entities in the country, the Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU) understands that this is a chance to strike while the iron is hot. . . . Current President, Yoweri Museveni, is surrounded by no shortage of controversy. . . . The EPU has been a small voice of green politics in the central African country, and has had trouble finding its footing. Though founded in 2005, the EPU has not fielded candidates since 2009, and has never won a seat in the Parliament of Uganda. Regardless, the EPU looks to the future, and seeing the civil unrest towards current President Museveni, has made a recent push to gain support, and make their voices heard. (show all) <[link removed]>

Canadian Green Party considers supporting Airline Bailout <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>The Green Party of Canada leader Annamie Paul wants to see the airline bailout come with conditions attached. In regards to the airline sector negotiating a multi-billion-dollar bailout with the government of Canada. Air Canada is cutting routes to different destinations and Canadians are left with little to no travel options. Air Canada has cut routes to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Rupert and Kamloops in British Columbia, and New Brunswick. Many popular destinations, including London U.K, are also on that list. (show all) <[link removed]>

GPPA Coming Events <[link removed]>

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Green Party events are in GREEN. Other Movement events are in RED.

May 4, 6:00 pm

Green Party of Allegheny County Virtual General Assembly

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

[link removed]

May 8, 11:00 am

Stop Banking the Bomb

PNC, 618 North Homewood Avenue, Homewood, PA.

Endorsed by the Green Party of Allegheny County

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 13, 6:00 pm

League of Women Voters Berks County Virtual Meeting

For more information, please RSVP to: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 14, 6:00 pm

Green Party of Lebanon County Virtual Meeting

For contact information, please RSVP here: [link removed]

May 15, 3:00 pm

Green Party of Wayne County Meeting

Sometimes at Black and Brass Coffee, 101 Grandview Avenue. Other times at 956 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 17, 7:00 pm

Green Party of Montgomery County Virtual Meeting

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 18

Municipal Primary Election

Please spend the day at your polling place distributing Green Party literature, collecting signatures on Green Party nomination papers, and getting to know your neighbors. More information from GPPA Green Wave

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:%[email protected]>

May 22, 10:00 am

Green Party of Berks County Meeting

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 22, 11:00 am

Stop Banking the Bomb

PNC, 200 Greengate Centre Drive West, Greensburg, PA

Endorsed by the Green Party of Allegheny County

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 24

Pesticide Literacy 101

Online introduction with Beyond Pesticides.

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 25 and the next three Tuesdays

Cultivating Healthy Communities

National online forum on toxics-free future with Beyond Pesticides

Register here: [link removed] <[link removed]>

May 25, 7:00 pm

Green Party of Philadelphia Virtual Meeting

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

May 26, noon

People Over Petro Coalition (POPC)

Monthly virtual meeting endorsed by the Green Party of Allegheny County

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

June 1, 6:00 pm

Green Party of Allegheny County Virtual General Assembly

More information from: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

GPPA Meeting Dates for 2021:

2021 Meetings will be held the second weekend of: January, March, June, September, November. September's meeting will be in-person, and it will take place in Bellefonte, PA, on Saturday, September 18. All State Web Conferences will be 12:00 Noon to 4:00 p.m.

- Sunday, June 13, 2021

- Saturday, September 18, 2021

- Sunday, November 14, 2021

Green Party of Pennsylvania Communications Team & Media Committee 

Issue Credits:

EDITORS: Chris Robinson and Hal Brown

CONTRIBUTORS: Emily Cook, Hilary Kane, Connor Mulvaney, Chris Robison, Beth Scroggin, Tre Schumacher, Marlene Sebastianelli, Jay Sweeney, Jay Walker

LAYOUT: Tina Olson

GRAPHIC ARTS: Kevin Richardson 

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